Sunday, August 30, 2009


It was August 1 when I last blogged. It is almost painful to bring up this blog now (I seriously have tears in my eyes). Mexico and this Blog have been our life and our adventure since March of 2008 when we decided life was to be embraced. And embrace we did!

How is re-entry?

Husband and I feel like we are on the "Truman" set - you know that movie with Jim Carey where everything is perfect. Mexico is raw, untidy, unstructured, messy, loose, unpredictable, tolerant, imperfect ... and the USA is the opposite of many of these things. The USA is an amazing country and it is easy to see why people want to live here. Everything just "seems" so perfect ... it is surreal ... like a movie set.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son have re-entered their fancy private school. They are adjusting seamlessly. Youngest Son's exciting news is that he broke his arm but he will be fine. Interesting side note on Oldest Son is that we did private tutoring in August to catch him up in Hebrew - he successfully "did" a full year of Hebrew in 3 weeks - could this have been affected by the language skills he acquired last year? Maybe.

Yesterday, we spent time with friends at their ranch. They lived last year in Spain with their 9 year old daughter. It was great to talk with another USA family that had made similar choices and ended up with similar conclusions. Not everyone here can understand who we were before and who we are now.

And one topic of discussion with these friends of kindred spirit : Where will we go in 2 years?!! Moving Kids to ...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So we are back ...

It has been a very busy time since we arrived in USA. Here are quick updates:

Final Leg of Trip
It is ironic that our drive through Mexico was fine but getting across border and drive up through Texas was challenging. We sat on the Nuevo Laredo Bridge for over 2 hours in over 100 degrees heat! Not fun. But we finally arrived at our destination at 11pm Monday night, 7/20.

Oldest Son
Oldest Son had a GREAT time at Jewish Sleep Away Camp. He started Hebrew Tutoring last week to catch up on the year of Hebrew he missed. So far so good. I think, perhaps, those language development skills he acquired this year should help ... maybe ... who knows.

Family Emergency
My grandmother (age 78) went into ICU last weekend for Congestive Heart Failure. I actually landed in Atlanta airport and had to board a plane to head straight back. While still in the hospital, she is doing much better.

Before I discontinue this blog, I have some wrap up and transition kinds of posts I want to write about so more later ...