Saturday, April 28, 2012


I love this Blog. I recorded our adventures when our family lived in Mexico from July 2008 to July 2009. We then returned for 5 weeks in Summer 2010. This blog was and is our family history and also a resource for other families looking to raise kids abroad for a limited period of time.

Oldest Son is now in 6th grade and Youngest Son is in 3rd Grade. They are both still fluent in Spanish - we have created opportunities to maintain their bilingual status.

We start a new family dynamic in April 2012. Husband is commuting between Houston and Dallas weekly - similar to what I did the year we were in Mexico.

I am starting a new blog. I think I can help other families who choose the Commuter Family option. And once again, I capture our family history. And I just like blogging - when I have something of interest to say.

American Mommy in Mexico ends. For now. Tear Drop. Expect to SOB again some day.
"I am mid-40s Mommy to Oldest Son (age 10) and Youngest Son (age 8). I am married to Husband who is 50ish. We both earn a living in small independent businesses. We have a typical kid juggling existence but look for a slightly different life path when possible ..."

I am now Mommy with Commuter Husband.