Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Outta Here!

Okay. We are packing up the Expedition. We are taking toys, clothes, 4 boxes of books to donate to kid's Mexican School and electronics.

And our Pop-up! For the non-camper out there - it is like a "box" you attach behind your vehicle that literally pops up into a RV with 2 double beds, table, sink and stove. Our new Villa will have a 2 car garage. We can store the Pop-up there and then take excursions around Mexico. Yes, Yes, Yes - we will only camp in safe RV parks. I have heard lots of concern on our decision to camp in Mexico.

Husband is finalizing Mexican Automobile Insurance online right at 10 pm tonight. $400 and some change per year. Effective 10 am July 1, 2008.

Here is the paperwork Husband has gathered:
- 2 copies of Mexican Insurance Contract (in Spanish, no page numbers)
- 2 copies of Bank Letter showing car paid off
- 3 copies of Car Registration
- 3 copies of Car Title
- 3 copies of Bank Letter showing Pop-up Camper paid off
- Pop-up Camper registration and 3 copies of Camper Registration
- 1 copy of each of our passports
- 3 copies of Husband Driver's Licence
- 3 copies of my Driver's License
- 3 copies of lease for Mexican Villa
- 3 copies of preliminary Mexico Car Registration (done online) to help move us along at border

Next time I post, I hope to be in a hotel in Monterrey - 1/2 way there!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dedicated to Pa

This post is a little different. It is inspired by watching Youngest Son and Pa (my Grandfather) playing a serious game of Poker (5 Card Stud) this afternoon. Pa played exactly as he had played with my mother, then me and now my son. Youngest Son could not have been happier.

My Crazy Granny (see March 31 Post) got married at 15, had two kids at 16 and 17, divorced at 21, married to Pa at 23. So Pa is really my step-grandfather but to me he is the real deal. My childhood was stereotypical dysfunctional. Pa was always there to do whatever was needed for Brother and me (and the other kids too.)

Pa lied about his age to join the Navy for WW II. He never finished high school. He became a truck driver haul'in cattle mostly. I remember riding with him from Fort Worth to Dallas when I was about 11 years old. Pa happily handed over his paycheck to Crazy Granny and never questioned how she was using it to help us kids.

Pa loves the story (he told me tonight) of when I was 1 year old. I would only sit in his lap and then proceed to pee on his leg. He has a picture of me sitting on that leg on his dresser to this day.

A saw my Brother become a hero the day he took care of Pa in the hospital as Pa almost died of emphysema complications. Brother took control and made sure all was right with Pa's care. I was thankful for both Brother and Pa that day.

Pa is a simple man with a heart of gold. He loves all of us kids as if his very own blood was coursing though our veins. How fortunate I am to have had him touch my life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Winding Down and Gearing Up

Winding Down

Youngest Son earned Gold Belt in martial arts this morning. Check.

Oldest Son played in his baseball playoff game today. Check.

Youngest Son played last T-Ball game today. Had T-Ball celebration. Said good-byes. Arranged for trophies to be delivered to missing players. Husband finished coaching duties. Check.

Had special dinner with special friends last night. Check - with mucho sadness.

Gearing Up

Latest logistical plan:
  • Get as much done as possible with American Home by June 30
  • Drive to Mexico July 1 - July 2 with loaded car and pop-up attached
  • Kids visit school July 4
  • Head back the American Home July 6 - July 7
  • Complete American Home stuff (packing, moving stuff to storage, indoor painting, major pool repair, rehanging window treatments, re-finish kitchen cabinets, re-finish swing set, etc.)
  • Husband get Hep A & B shots - round 2
  • Drive to Mexico July 17 - July 19 with loaded car (maybe stop at Sea World??)

Oh and it would be nice to actually rent our American Home somewhere along the way too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mexican Consulate - Car Going to Mexico

Husband went to Mexican Consulate today as instructed by Mexico web site. His goal was to complete the paper work needed to take our car into Mexico. Arrived at 6:45 am. At 10:00 am he is informed that there us really nothing else he can do until we get to the border (other than what he has already done on website registration.)

No learning here. Husband did what website told him. Just one of those Mexico things.

Monday, June 23, 2008

First Official Showing of House

We finally got the call. Potential renters want to see our house at 12:oo. We got the call at 11:15.

Oh my gosh. The house is a wreck of course. Not only are there drop clothes and painting stuff everywhere - there is just the mess of living in every available space.

We shift into super high gear. I am on a conference call and have another at 11:30. Multi-tasking is my freak'in first, middle and last name. Thank goodness for wireless so I can move around while talking and picking up!

Husband takes direction well and we actually have things somewhat okay by 12:00. Not perfect but respectable.

Husband: "We have learned a lesson from this."
Me: "What?"
Husband: "We need to have House ready at all times."
Me: Dirty Look to Husband
Husband: "I know, I know."

Footnote: I had told him this exact same "lesson" 2 weeks ago ...

Friday, June 20, 2008


Today is one of those "there is a pit in my stomach" days. We have the big ole Uhaul truck and we are moving all our furniture and many boxes to storage. This is one of those big move forward steps. My 15 year-old second cousin is helping to make some extra summer money.

Nervous. Excited. Relieved. Lots of emotions.

Neighbor stopped to say she knew someone who may want to rent out house. Oh please.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shots - Hep A & B and Spanish Camp


About 1 month ago we started asking what shots if any we needed to live in Mexico for 1 year. Our pediatrician looked into it for the kids and they are good. We will not be in a high risk area for malaria and their other immunizations cover everything else.

However, it is suggested that Husband and I get Hep A & B shots. So we make appointments. Husband goes this morning and guess what? Hep A & B is a SERIES of shots! We will both be able to get 1st ones here with current insurance (which will end soon.) We will have to get rest in Mexico. Ugh. We have to have 2nd set in 1 month and 3rd one in 6 months. I guess we will just work it out.

GOOD NEWS: Spanish Camp

The kids started Spanish Camp this week. They have Spanish Immersion from 9-12 every day for 2 weeks! Oldest Son's class has Spanish spoken most of the time. He says he understands and did not seem stressed at all. I feel Happy. Happy. Happy.

Youngest Son's class is more for beginners so English and Spanish is more mixed. He too seems to be doing well though. He came home today and told Husband Spanish names for all rooms.

Both kids have been doing the Rosetta Stone software every day as well. I am probably more anxious than needed on the Spanish skills but just want to make sure we do all we can before they start school.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Good Byes

This is a very odd time in our journey. We are literally overwhelmed with logistics and the To Do lists of getting the heck out of here. At the same time, we are saying lots of good byes.
Husband and I had lunch with work colleagues and friends. Really lovely men that we enjoy so much. You chat, talk, exchange hugs and say "see ya next year" - it is surreal.

We have dinner with friends made through our children. Really relaxing and fun to sit and talk, chat and there is always the good bye of "see ya next year ..." We will miss these amazing relationships and the kinship of like souls.

When I was pregnant, I knew this huge life changing event was about to happen. I knew it in my brain and in my heart. But, I could not possibly know what it would be like until that precious child arrived. I feel a similar anticipation. I know this is huge. I know it is life changing. I know it is the opportunity of a life time. But, I can not possibly know what it is like till I get there.

Ready to be there . Really ready. And scared too by the way.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Real Low Down

So I would like to write that the process of getting ready to Move to Mexico has been smooth, easy, no problemo.

However, I am blogging as a journal to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Pretty much anyway.

Getting ready to go has been way more stressful than we anticipated. Wrapping up your entire life and all your possessions takes allot of work.

We have 3 weeks before we leave. Here is what is left to do: paint inside of 3000 square foot home (2 rooms done so far), find place and move all possessions to storage, final doctor and dentist visits, finalize health insurance, finalize auto insurance, get pool repaired, get painter to finish outside of house, rent house - okay that is all I can stand to write.

Did you see the part about rent house? Not done yet. Add financial stress to the equation.

Looking forward to writing about the fun part when in Mexico!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Go or Not to Go?

Life Questions:

Work on vacation so you can go?
Don't go on vacation because you have to work?

(Assume not working is not an option.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

24 Hour Drive

The chaos and living of life continues. Before the Move to Mexico decision, we planned a beach vacation with special friends for 1st week of June. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

The problems became too expensive air fare, the abundance of American House tasks and work being crazy. But. I am not one to be daunted when a wonderful life experience presents itself.

So the solutions became:

Drive: After careful gas cost analysis, decided to drive. It is just a 24 hour drive. Yeah.

American House Tasks: Husband stayed home to paint inside of house.

New Problem - the Drive: I am a Can Do person but driving with two young boys for 24 hours is a bit much for even me. So Very Spontaneous Neighbor and her child agree to go with us with 40 hours notice. Very Spontaneous Neighbor did not quite understand a 24 hour drive was involved but that is just in the details ...

Work Being Crazy: Take my 2 computers, iPhone and on the beach wireless! Not ideal but work and play are a way of life.

We are here! It is an amazing 15 room+ house with private pool on the beach. We have 11 children and 9 adults.

And yes, we did drive 24 hours straight with 2 determined mommies and 3 children under the age of 8 with no less than 20 potty stops