Monday, June 23, 2008

First Official Showing of House

We finally got the call. Potential renters want to see our house at 12:oo. We got the call at 11:15.

Oh my gosh. The house is a wreck of course. Not only are there drop clothes and painting stuff everywhere - there is just the mess of living in every available space.

We shift into super high gear. I am on a conference call and have another at 11:30. Multi-tasking is my freak'in first, middle and last name. Thank goodness for wireless so I can move around while talking and picking up!

Husband takes direction well and we actually have things somewhat okay by 12:00. Not perfect but respectable.

Husband: "We have learned a lesson from this."
Me: "What?"
Husband: "We need to have House ready at all times."
Me: Dirty Look to Husband
Husband: "I know, I know."

Footnote: I had told him this exact same "lesson" 2 weeks ago ...

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