Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shots - Hep A & B and Spanish Camp


About 1 month ago we started asking what shots if any we needed to live in Mexico for 1 year. Our pediatrician looked into it for the kids and they are good. We will not be in a high risk area for malaria and their other immunizations cover everything else.

However, it is suggested that Husband and I get Hep A & B shots. So we make appointments. Husband goes this morning and guess what? Hep A & B is a SERIES of shots! We will both be able to get 1st ones here with current insurance (which will end soon.) We will have to get rest in Mexico. Ugh. We have to have 2nd set in 1 month and 3rd one in 6 months. I guess we will just work it out.

GOOD NEWS: Spanish Camp

The kids started Spanish Camp this week. They have Spanish Immersion from 9-12 every day for 2 weeks! Oldest Son's class has Spanish spoken most of the time. He says he understands and did not seem stressed at all. I feel Happy. Happy. Happy.

Youngest Son's class is more for beginners so English and Spanish is more mixed. He too seems to be doing well though. He came home today and told Husband Spanish names for all rooms.

Both kids have been doing the Rosetta Stone software every day as well. I am probably more anxious than needed on the Spanish skills but just want to make sure we do all we can before they start school.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I want to tell you how impressed I am that you are actually making an effort for your kids to learn Spanish. I am amazed at how many people don't do that, kids will pick up Spanish because they are young but why not give them a head start? I know a family that came to Merida for a year,they have now been north for a year. They even had a website about it. http://www.glengringo.com/

sarah said...

The shots are fine, and yeah - they're a series. I'm amazed that the ped didn't make the kids get them, though. Hep B is part of standard kid immunizations, but Hep A is not. My son has just finished his Hep A series.

No worries, though. Very easy to get them in Mexico. Any Centro de Salud can do that.

And yeah - it's awesome that your kids are learning Spanish. I'll probably do a week's Spanish school down here once he's down with me next month, but otherwise, he has what he's received from two years of very basic classes in school, and me speaking it a bit at home. Kids pick it up quickly, though.