Monday, June 9, 2008

The Real Low Down

So I would like to write that the process of getting ready to Move to Mexico has been smooth, easy, no problemo.

However, I am blogging as a journal to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Pretty much anyway.

Getting ready to go has been way more stressful than we anticipated. Wrapping up your entire life and all your possessions takes allot of work.

We have 3 weeks before we leave. Here is what is left to do: paint inside of 3000 square foot home (2 rooms done so far), find place and move all possessions to storage, final doctor and dentist visits, finalize health insurance, finalize auto insurance, get pool repaired, get painter to finish outside of house, rent house - okay that is all I can stand to write.

Did you see the part about rent house? Not done yet. Add financial stress to the equation.

Looking forward to writing about the fun part when in Mexico!

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Beth said...


I stumbled onto your blog tonight and have read the entire thing. I'm really interested in your experiences, because we are contemplating doing the same thing, although with only 1 child. (The other is 18 and has no interest in doing this) It won't be for a few years though, but I'll be following along with great interest!

There are a lot of links on my blog that you may find interesting and possibly useful!