Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Outta Here!

Okay. We are packing up the Expedition. We are taking toys, clothes, 4 boxes of books to donate to kid's Mexican School and electronics.

And our Pop-up! For the non-camper out there - it is like a "box" you attach behind your vehicle that literally pops up into a RV with 2 double beds, table, sink and stove. Our new Villa will have a 2 car garage. We can store the Pop-up there and then take excursions around Mexico. Yes, Yes, Yes - we will only camp in safe RV parks. I have heard lots of concern on our decision to camp in Mexico.

Husband is finalizing Mexican Automobile Insurance online right at 10 pm tonight. $400 and some change per year. Effective 10 am July 1, 2008.

Here is the paperwork Husband has gathered:
- 2 copies of Mexican Insurance Contract (in Spanish, no page numbers)
- 2 copies of Bank Letter showing car paid off
- 3 copies of Car Registration
- 3 copies of Car Title
- 3 copies of Bank Letter showing Pop-up Camper paid off
- Pop-up Camper registration and 3 copies of Camper Registration
- 1 copy of each of our passports
- 3 copies of Husband Driver's Licence
- 3 copies of my Driver's License
- 3 copies of lease for Mexican Villa
- 3 copies of preliminary Mexico Car Registration (done online) to help move us along at border

Next time I post, I hope to be in a hotel in Monterrey - 1/2 way there!

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