Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interior Road Trip & Camping

Last Spring Husband bought me Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping by Mike & Terri Church. We brought our Pop-up Camper all the way from the USA to Mexico (pic above is after crossing border last July.) So we are finally putting both to use.

Husband and I are frantically trying to get all our work done so we can head out Saturday morning to visit the following places in the Mexico Interior:

El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

We have guide books, maps, an Atlas and a AAA Trip-tick. We have a plan of sorts but after this long in Mexico we also know to be ready for what may come. Our one rule is to make sure we do plan our route well enough to not drive at night.
Got allot to do in next couple days ...


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time and remember not to speed. if you get accused of doing so, just offer to pay the officer rather than going to city hall, or whatever else they say you need to do. from what i've read, this is what works best and it worked for us although we were afraid to make an offer as we were not sure if the cop would take offense, yeah right. he finally said that if we paid him, a much lower amount than the fine itself, we would not have to turn over our license and have to go pick it up in city hall the following week. even with my fluent spanish i was not able to talk us out of the ticket. of course my husband was speeding so he deserved it. don't mean to worry you, just something to keep in mind. maybe you can ask others there for advice.
have fun and happy hanukkah!

teresa in snowy lake stevens, western wa.

crazyinguad said...

The butterflies in Morelia are gorgeous the end of Feb beginning of March. The trees are filled with cocoons with millions of butterflies emerging in front of your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Paying bribes encourages corruption. Don't do it. If you are strong and wait the cop out then you will be let go. Just say... "ok, lets go to the station, I will pay my fine there!" He can't take you there once the "on the spot fine aka bribe" price is set cause you will say: "Oh, I am here cause I didn't want to pay the Mordita."
Also... by paying bribes you encourage foreigners to be targets for intimidation and corruption. Be strong and join Mexicans in their fight against oppression.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. now i remember having read something similar on another blog. of course that's easier to do when you live there and are familiar with the system. if you're vacationing and it's your first time in such an ordeal, as was our case, it was just easier to pay the bribe.

again, have a wonderful vacation!

teresa in snowy lake stevens, wa.

Nancy said...

Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing about it! And you are totally getting Mexico since you know you need to stay flexible!

Amanda said...

Sounds exciting, we keep looking for places close to here that we can camp. We so want to go after our baby is born. Of course we will be in a tent so there's no way Im sleeping on the ground right now. :)

ibis said...

Hi American Mommy!! Your trip idea sounds great!!! Enjoy it!!
I´ve been reading your post an commenting on them but for some reason the comments bounce back... I´ll try again now.
Well, have a wonderful trip, and happy holidays. You´lllove the mariposa monarca