Sunday, December 14, 2008

Overheard: Learning to Ride Bike

I coerced Youngest Son into learning to ride his bike today. The statements below are from Youngest Son in chronological order:

"I'm only going to do it 1 time."

"You ran me into the tree!"


"You are meaner than Daddy!"


"How many more times?"

Cry ... Fall ... Cry ... Fall ... Ride ...

"I can't believe I can do it!"


"Mommy, is this the best I have done in my whole life?"


"I am amazing!"


"I want to do this again. It is fun."

"This is for you, Mommy" See flower below ... so good to be home with family.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Meaner than Daddy! That's quite an accomplishment. I love these posts,makes me remember my kids when they were little. Such sweet snapshots of childhood. Thanks for sharing.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Ohh that is so precious. very beautiful. Thanks, it brought tears to my eyes. It is so true how children are. At least my children.

Amanda said...

Hi, this was so cute. I look forward to reading more on your blog. I plan to raise my children in Mexico and so far have been here only 5 months so Im sure your experiences will enlighten me.

ibis said...

I loved your post, it reminded me whrn my little sister learned to bike (she felt bad and hit herself in the chest) but before she did she was excited.... ages ago! Cool for your kids,and nice accomplishment feeling for you! Now you can go bike together!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

T - Yes, I was quite "proud" when I got the meaner than Daddy statement. It was a special morning for Youngest Son and me.

PVG - Children are a miracle. They put everything in perspective.

A - Good luck. We are really enjoying this experience.

I - We are hoping to now bike over to the town we live next to

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Oh- you are meaner than Daddy! So sweet what a lovely post. Hope the holidays are finding you well, sounds like you are all enjoying your experiences!