Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Back to "Good"

So we are back to school being "Good." Husband talked with Spanish Teacher this morning and apparently there was a substitute teacher yesterday and Spanish Teacher heard from other parents as well. Oldest Son used the English to Spanish dictionary today to help. We have appointment set up with Director next week to do a "check in." School is going to provide us a list of tutors.

Whew. Done all we can for now. Oldest Son is his happy, playful self this afternoon. Although I did get a chuckle that his homework was practicing the numbers 1-20 in Italian! As if Spanish was not enough ...

I have been asked the question "How is work?" My answer is pretty boring - it is work. Good work but work. I still have an intense job that requires lots of focus. I work all day from my desk just like before the move. I am going to commute a bit more than expected but that will be easier now that the USA house is rented. I am very, very grateful for this flexible job and my great work colleagues/friends.

My existence is different from Husband and Kids because 50% of my life is still rooted in the USA through work.

S0, "How is Husband?" He is happy and busy. Husband is still getting caught up and taking care of finishing the Move Checklist. He is spending allot of time with the Mexican/Spanish part of our life. There are many parts of our life that require speaking Spanish thus Husband does them all - school, homework, telephones, utilities, money, housekeeper, property repairs, food, policia (just had throw that one in), immigration papers, etc. He has been the only family member hit with various intestinal/stomach issues. Ugh. You would think he would have lots of free time but that has just not happened yet. Taking care of kids is time consuming wherever you live.

Do we like it? Yes. Yes. Yes. Loud Yes. Today, Husband purchased a Mexican Flag for our car for Mexican Independence Day. We are enthusiastic about exploring this wonderful country including places, foods, history, culture, nature, people and religion. It is just exciting to experience completely new things. We are a fortunate family.

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