Monday, September 8, 2008

Kids Sick & Last Weekend

USA: I am in USA. Working. Working. Working. Did I mention Working? I am staying with with my Fun Friend and daughter. So much nicer than hotel.

Mexico: Husband in Mexico and both kids sick with fever and virus type symptoms. Husband had to miss 3rd Grade Meeting tonight. I went to K3 meeting last week which was 2 hour meeting in all Spanish. I understood VERY little but was glad to be able to attend.

Last Weekend - Saturday
Saturday night right after dark, we went to look for crabs with our large, new bucket and flashlights. The big surprise was hundreds of Hermit Crabs everywhere. Hermit Crabs are so cool because they have so many types of shells. The highlight was the crab living in a red bottle cap. We saw something red moving across the beach - so funny. We also saw thousands of ants carrying bits of grass and leafs across the walkway - Oldest Son was impressed.

Last Weekend - Sunday
Husband took Youngest Son to first Mexico Birthday Party (I flew out earlier in day.) Husband said food was amazing - chicken, peppers in a sauce, etc. The house was 2 bedroom and the family had set up a tent type cover in front and provided a small bounce house. There were two pinatas, a birthday cake and music new to our family. Husband and Youngest Son had a really good time. Husband was able to meet a couple of the families of boys Youngest Son has befriended. I was bummed to miss this experience.

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VisitLaManzanilla said...

Hi, this is June with VisitLaManzanilla. Just returned from a weekend in Seattle, death in the family. We leave on Friday for the 5 day drive. Where are you living in Mexico?