Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movies in Mexico

So after the zoo last Saturday, we all went to the movies.

The kids had hoped to see Clone Wars but we could not find it playing. So we did a divide and conquer instead. Oldest Son and Husband went to Journey to Center of the Earth. Youngest Son and I went to High School Musical El Desafio. Both movies were in Spanish.

Journey to Center of the Earth was supposed to be in 3D but no glasses. The reel had some problems so I think there were moments of dialogue but no visual. Even so, Youngest Son really enjoyed the movie.

High School Musical El Desafio was made by Disney with Mexican actors. Instead of basketball, it is futbol. The music and dancing were entertaining. I did not understand much of the Spanish but still had a good time. Youngest Son liked it as well.

Experts say that exposure to television and movies will help with the Spanish comprehension. I guess I believe it. The kids do not mind the Spanish dialogue at all. I know they do not understand it all but they never complain. Interesting I think.

After the movies, we let the kids play 30 pesos ($3 USD) worth of arcade games. The games were 54 - 69 cents (USD) per game. It was loud and obnoxious just like a USA arcade.


I am back in USA working ...

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sarah said...

We saw WALL-E twice in Mexico City this summer. The first time, I translated some of the dialog for the kid. The second time, about a week later, he was able to pick up a few things I'd not translated before, just from the context & understanding some of the words. Little sponges, those kid-brains!

Glad things are going well!