Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guest Blogger: Oldest Son & Global Warming

As dicated by Oldest Son, age 9, to American Mommy in Mexico:

“My Oldest Son said this the 12th of June 2009.

Hola, Buenos dias mi nombre es ---.

Voy a hacer mi oratroia sobre el calentamiento global.

El calentamiento global es una crisis global porque va a hacer dificil para vivir. Forma cuando los gases de las fábricas y la basura que tiramos entran la atmósfera y el los rayos del sol y lo calentan. Cuando baja comienza el calentamiento global.

El calentamiento global va a descongelar el Polo Norte y Polo Sur. Va a hacer que el nivel del océano se levantará causando tsunamis y huracanes. Podemos pararlo no lanzando basura y las fábricas no tienen que emitir tanta gas.

Gracias por su atención.

Hello, Good morning my name is ---.

I am going to present the Global Warming.

The Global Warming is a global crisis because it will make it very hard to live. It forms when the gases from factories and the trash that we throw on the ground goes into the atmosphere and sun's rays heat it up. When it comes down, it starts global warming.

Global Warming will make the North Pole and South Pole melt. When they do then the ocean level will rise causing tsunamis and hurricanes. We can stop it by not throwing trash on the ground and the factories don't have to emit too much gas.

Thank you for your attention.”

Interview of sorts:

American Mommy in Mexico: “Where did you get your information?”
Oldest Son: “Out of a book and my mind.”

American Mommy in Mexico: “What book?”
Oldest Son: “It is called Global Warming. I found it in the library.”

American Mommy in Mexico: “In Spanish or English?”
Oldest Son: “Spanish”


Oldest Son will be saying this in Spanish at school event tomorrow. I gather he was chosen to speak from his class. I will miss it due to work so I got a preview tonight. Oldest Son was kind enough to translate into English for me.

I am not sure the information is exact nor the translations perfect but it is good to know Oldest Son cares about his world and picks topics of importance.


CancunCanuck said...

What a gem, good job Oldest Son! You should be so proud, sounds like he is doing great!

Leslie Limon said...

Muy bien for your Oldest Son! He deserves a "10" for that.

Ale said...

I often read your blog, but really never comment. As a native Spanish speaker, I must say that I am impressed, your son's Spanish is wonderful and as good as any other Spanish speaker kid his age, not to mention the topic that he develops quite nicely. Congratulations to your son, he is truly talented!!

Calypso said...

It is amazing how those little hombres (and mujericitas) learn Spanish - my own son put his mom and dad to shame picking up Spanish.

And of course from over here on the east side of Mexico we thank you son for his attention to the environment.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

CC - Oldest Son is a very typical 1st born - very motivated to excel. We are super proud.

LL - Yes - we are now famliar with the "10" grades of which Oldest Son so desires

A - Glad to hear from you. Oldest Son seems to function very well these days - it was rough the 1st few months but kids do adapt so well.

C - Social Action is very important to us. I was pleased that Oldest Son chose a topic to help our world.

On Mexican Time said...

That's awesome - happy he translated it for me too! LOL!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

OMT - Unfortunately I cannot understand the Spanish - total bummer.

Husband's Sister said...

Please tell Oldest Son how very proud his Tia is of him! His speech is very mature and I can just picture him speaking. He can thank his terrific parents for a lot of his talents!

Mexico Global said...

That's a fine lad you've got there. This is a charming little story that you have shared with us. GOOD WORK .