Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road Trip To San Pancho

We have so enjoyed exploring various places in Mexico. San Pancho was no exception. It has its own unique qualities that we enjoyed. It is a small coastal village with lots of charm and an obvious prosperous element. There are many “2nd homes” to Canadians and Americans that influence the town. We were completely impressed with the sidewalks and street signs. Although the main drag was a total mess from construction.

Costa Azul
We stayed in an adventure resort on the beach called Costa Azul. We really liked it and enjoyed the luxury of air conditioning! It is not super fancy but just right for us ($99 per night.) The beach was gorgeous but no swimming due to the rip tide. The pool was really nice. And our favorite element? The Crabs!!! They were everywhere. (Just as you said they would be Steve: http://steveinmexico.blogspot.com/) Boys had a great time catching them, watching them and chasing them.

Horse Ride
The highlight of the trip was our horse ride on the cobblestone streets and through the jungle and up to the top of the mountain and down to the beach. Lots of wildlife including 2 snakes! And a Buddha statue put on side of dirt road on top of mountain - odd.

Professor Noggin
The boys love playing Professor Noggin games. We have many over various topics: American Revolution, Space, Civil War, Famous Explorers, Human Body, etc.. We took them to restaurants and played in hotel over entire weekend. We are a family of geeks. I admit it.
Father’s Day
We went to a great hotel restaurant in town for breakfast that had amazing food. Youngest Son presented gifts that he had cleverly transported as “extra toys in disguise.” He does have the biggest heart! Youngest Son enjoyed the courtyard mini-pool too! Oh and Husband also got a massage.

New Dessert
Ever had chocolate covered strawberries on a stick dipped in sprinkles?

Polo Club
Yes. This town has a Polo Club and field! There was supposed to be a match Saturday night. We were pumped - I have never seen a Polo match and to see one in Mexico beach village … but we get there and it was postponed. Bummer.

Rain & Fever
Oldest Son turned up with another fever and we did get some rain. But I read a quote recently: "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain." And we did.


Steve Cotton said...

Who knew land crabs could be so much fun? Jiggs and I have spent hours during the past few evenings watching them. But they seem to be returning to their underground world. Sightings are rare.

Babs said...

Beautiful blog......the boys are adorable.

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San Pancho seems to be a place I would like to travel some day!
If I just could afford it...