Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble #1
The local Mexico Mega was hit by an ATM card reader. Starting May 26th we had multiple withdrawals a day hit our account. Several thousands of dollars were stolen. Since it was with Husband’s card number and he was in USA entire time, it was easy to demonstrate to bank that fraud was involved. We have been reimbursed by bank. Other American Family was hit as well.

Trouble #2
Oldest Son and I have been sick, sick, sick. Husband has been gone, gone, gone. Husband arrived back in Mexico this afternoon. Thank goodness!


Husband's Sister said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. My VISA was copied in France a few years back and it took a while to get that straightened out. I hope you and Oldest Son are feeling better now. Hugs to all!

Nancy said...

Hang in there. It really is an adjustment to do it all alone, isn't it? Glad he's back, and looking forward to hearing about your future plans.

Constantino said...

Sorry to hear of the rip off, easy money for some, lots of hassle for the card holders..
Saw the fishing photo the other day, that was one ugly bottom fish....I hope it got tossed back...

Steve Cotton said...

I almost wrote to you. I was concerned that you had not posted for such a long time. Now, I understand why. I hope you are both feeling better.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Was it the Mega btween you and PV? We shop there on occasion.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

HS - The good news is Husband was in USA so could go to bank in person to do paperwork. That helped. We are both still not great but taking meds.

N - Yes!! Way easier with helpful Husband.

C - We so tossed it back - ugh!

S - Single parenting and sickness got the best of me.

CYK - Sure was the one. Watch your accounts carefully for any unusual activity.