Saturday, May 30, 2009

Play Dates in Mexico

Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Nanny, Nanny’s Husband and I spent yesterday afternoon at Punta de Mita. The intention was to surf. We went with Other American Family (Other American Dad, Other Oldest Son, Other Middle Son and Other Youngest Son) who lives In Mexico too. We have mutual friends visiting which includes Oldest Son’s Best Friend and Best Friend’s Dad.
No surf. Zilch. So …

Youngest Son and Other Middle Son grabbed their boogie boards and used them to collect sand and rocks from the bottom of ocean to play some imaginary game. They were fully engrossed and had a good time.

Oldest Son, Other Oldest Son and Best Friend took a fishing pole and some bait to fish. They caught a couple of eels and a rockfish. I get the Mommy of the Day award since I removed the hook from the rockfish. Rockfish have spines that are poisonous so I used a plastic bag to grab the fish and maneuver the hook out of his mouth and then to release the rockfish back into the ocean.

We all piled into a water taxi to boat around. Some of the kids took a swim and we all enjoyed the views.

Finally we had dinner on the beach after which the 6 boys spent a long time playing and building stuff in the sand.

A Play Date in Mexico.


Steve Cotton said...

I would say you deserve the Mommy Award of the Decade for tackling the hook removal.

Amanda said...

Sounds like fun..

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

You are a cooler mom then I- I am not sure if I would have touched the fish. I agree with Steve about the Mommy Award. It is cool looking though.

ibis said...

Hey! It was me on tacos on the street the other day!! You should have said hi, I would have loved meeting you.
We were looking at the boy gang, even my older daughter taught they were "cute", so much to say for a 10 year old girl! I saw you seeing me and I was wondering all through dinner if I knew you but I just didn't find any face that matched yours, funny for sure, maybe we can meet some day, our kids could play!