Monday, May 25, 2009

Yelapa in May

Our favorite thing to do with guests is to spend the day at Yelapa. Nanny, Nanny’s Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I took a water taxi from Los Muertos pier. We got a surprise when the taxi took us through the tunnels of Los Arcos which are located near Mismaloya.

Once at Yelapa, we had a very relaxing day at the beach. Kids commandeered Chicos boat as a spot to jump into the surf. We snacked through the day with our friend, random dog, sprawled next to the table. Of course, we sampled pie from the Yelapa Pie Lady. Nanny’s Husband was a popular “playmate” for Youngest Son – thank goodness Nanny’s Husband is so good natured!

We decided at the last moment to hike up the waterfall through village with Youngest Son astride a horse. Guess what? There is no waterfall at the end of the dry season – only a trickle. Duh.


Steve Cotton said...

Yelapa is one of those places on my visit list. I had even thought about a 6-month stay there -- but I think that mood has passed.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

C - Yeah, we love Yelapa but living there - not so much. Although, Oldest Son did request we spend the night at Yelapa before we leave. So I think we will!

Husband's Sister said...

Sounds like y'all continue to add adventures which will turn into wonderful memories when you leave. Yelapa looks and sounds like a great day trip!