Friday, May 8, 2009

La Manzanilla Mangrove Tour

Last weekend, while in La Manzanilla we went on a Mangrove Tour set up by Visitlamanzanilla Mom and Lyle (Thanks!)

Highly recommend.

We left at 7pm in a small paddle-powered "panga" boat with 1 guide paddling and 1 guide talking and 8 participants a looking. We each had a set of binoculars in which to see all the wildlife. The talking guide, Dave, was a youngish and good looking scientist who was an excellent educator. We saw the crocodiles, of course, and many kinds of birds in their rookery (nesting areas.)

Here is some information from
Mangroves are a wetland ecosystem formed by plants and animals that live where fresh water rivers empty into the ocean in tropical or subtropical regions. In general, Mangrove forests filter out pollution, stabilize sediments, hold nutrients, protect the shoreline from erosion and provide food, nesting and nursery areas for many animals, including at least 220 fish species, 24 reptiles and amphibian species, 18 mammal species and 200 bird species. It’s been reported that the mangrove in La Manzanilla has as many as 200 resident American crocodiles.

This is my favorite kind of outing with the kids – all about nature and learning how to take care of our world.

The evening did not stop there, oh no.

We then went to the town square for ice cream for three little rowdy boys and tacos for the mommies. Kids ran and played till dark. We said Buenos Noches to Visitlamanzanilla Mom and Lyle.

The evening did not stop there, oh no.

Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Husband and I went to the beach with flashlights and a bucket to catch the little sand crabs scurrying about the beach. This is a family tradition at all beaches we visit. The kids chase down fast moving crabs, catch them with their hands, quickly drop them in the bucket and run for more. At the end we release all the crabs and jump about as they escape around our feet.

It was a lovely evening in La Manzanilla with nature, family and new friends.


Steve Cotton said...

What a great end to your La Manzanilla adventure. I have not taken the mangrove tour. I will be certain to do it now.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

SC- you should try to do with your brother before he leaves. It is fun outing but you will need to head home right when over to get on road before dark