Saturday, May 9, 2009

La Manzanilla Critters

Youngest Son gathered a posse of other young boys and set out to collect beach specimens. Dead specimens. Ugh. My life as the Mommy of boys is always full of surprises.

I also encountered another critter of some kind while in La Manzanilla. I returned home with bites which could be chiggers, sand fleas – who knows. I came home with the same affliction from Cuernavaca in December. Bites on my legs and arms were swollen knots, warm to touch, itch and ache. I applied cortisone cream, took antihistamine and pain reliever. I clearly had allergic reaction because kids had none and Husband had a few but with minor discomfort. Ugh.


Leslie Limon said...

Oh, you poor thing! That allergic reaction sounds painful. I hope you feel better soon.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

LL - In December, I was miserable for about a week and it tooks weeks to fully recover. This time, it seems I was miserable a few days with 1 really bad day and recovery seems to be moving faster. I am mostly just still a bit itchy.

Steve Cotton said...

I am willing to bet you were the victim of the noseeums. Hate 'em.

Tia said...

I live off and on in La Manzanilla and for the first three months I was eaten alive. Found out from another local gringo friend that she suffers too.

After three months my body adjusted. However I wasn't as smart as you... didn't think to take antihistamines. Oh by the way... a good thing to have around but not sold in Mexico....

Use it for ear and bronchial issues.

Good luck.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

SC - I read in my desperate search on the internet for my aliment that noseeums was another name for sand fleas - really?

Tia - Misery loves company ... this "bug" is not so fun. Thank goodness I have not had any issues where we live which is on the beach!