Friday, May 15, 2009

American Mommy in Mexico Gifts

We have become less consumerist in Mexico. As a result, Youngest Son has developed a new gift giving approach. He is a natural hoarder so he has lots of stuff stashed in his privacy drawer. When an occasion for gift giving arrives, he searches through his treasures, picks out something meaningful, wraps it in toilet paper and presents it to the deserving recipient.

On Mother’s Day I got many gifts of the heart:
- Handmade Card decorated by Youngest Son and written by Oldest Son
- Handmade rainbow (Youngest Son) and turtle (Oldest Son) using pegs kit (design on template and then iron)
- Spiral shell from Youngest Son
- Flowers picked by Youngest Son and placed in plastic shot glass
- "White bark" collected on one of our Mexico hikes that you can write on as paper - yes from Youngest Son
- Youngest Son took colored sand from one of his necklaces and poured into a shell and then placed another tiny shell in middle – lovely in so many levels

I hope to take a collection of everyday pottery back to the USA. Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son surprised me on my 44th birthday with the beautiful cup and saucer pictured below. It is made in Puebla and is found throughout much of Mexico (I think.) I also received a large shell wrapped in toilet paper – of course - from Youngest Son.

Spent last week in USA and am now back. Husband left today for USA for 3 weeks! Our previous part-time Nanny (who we love!) is here to help over next few weeks.


Chrissy and Keith said...

ah, you have such sweet boys. Our girls are now 26 and 23 and I just last year gave them back all the macarroni necklaces and popsicle stick boxes that they had made us over the years.

Theresa said...

Happy Mom day!
I love that they kids made you stuff.It's too cool that they decided to give you several presents. What nice boys. My kids did the Perler beads too, so they have been around a long time, since the '60s I think.
That is a beautiful cup and saucer! The real talavera is very expensive here in Merida, there are talavera knock offs which are less money but still not cheap. I thought that I would have a set of dinnerware by now, but I was wrong. I am hoping to make it to Puebla and then I am going shopping!!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

C - Ahhh - what a fun moment for your family!

T - Perler beads are the best! Kids really enjoy them and I do to since it keeps them occupied. Yes this pottery is pretty expensive which is why I have not purchased it yet. I corrected the spelling of Puebla - thanks!

CancunCanuck said...

Awww, so precious! Happy belated Mom's day and birthday. Love the talavera, just beautiful. Good luck over the next few weeks without husband around!

Have a great weekend!

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Oh, I love the turtle. My husband was not here to guide Lyle at Mother's Day but Lyle made me a picture of a machine that takes glass and recycles it into new products that are, "shipped all over the world."

I have a bathroom sink of that same pattern, it's a classic pattern and worth the investment. I find the pattern extremely pleasing and it would be beautiful as chinaware.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

CC - I will need lots of luck. Husband has run the household since we arrived!

VLM - How creative of Lyle - a big picture thinker perhaps ??

Yes I have eyed these dishes since our arrival - I really love it.

Amanda said...

I like that they have what you called a "privacy drawer" thats neat. I was the little kid im my family who stashed stuff that meant something to me and gave to family and friends as gifts. It brings back memories to hear of a kid doing that. He sounds like a great kid. ;)

American Mommy in Mexico said...

A - We pretty much use the rule that we share all in our house Except each child gets a privacy drawer - it has worked really well. I think that is so cool that you did the same thing - you seem to be a great person so that bodes well for Youngest Son's future.