Friday, June 26, 2009


I took the picture above on the streets of San Pancho. Not sure what it is but the colors are lovely. Apparently, I was so impressed with the plant that I dropped my entire camera case here without noticing until 3 blocks later. Husband graciously backtracked to find it lying under this red beauty.

And more red below along the sidewalks of San Pancho.


Amanda said...

Aren't the colors so great, even after a year I still pull out my camera to take pictures of the colors here.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I love the colors here as well. I remember one thing that CancunCanuck did which was take pictures with a particular color scheme. It was really interesting the things she ended up taking pictures of and how truly beautiful and interesting they were.

And your trip looked so nice. I hope your husband had a great daddy day.

Scott said...


I just found your blog today and simply love it! We are working on a plan to move to PV or Sayulita for a year. My wife and I, our 6 yr old twins and a young Grandma and Grandpa make up our team. We are thinking of landing there in the next couple of months and I was hoping you might be able to answer some questions and share your knowledge. We are really excited but need some help with a school for the kids, etc. If that is ok with you, please e mail me at and I will get back to you with more detail.



American Mommy in Mexico said...

A - They really are. I like you still get a thrill.

RCT - Yes, CC did Orange I think and she had a whole series of really cool pics! We did have a great time.

S - Sent you my contact info!