Friday, July 17, 2009

Compulsion? Addiction? You Be the Judge

Oldest Son reading at bedtime.

We are packing up today. I think I have a healthy appreciation for books until I look at the numbers of kid books (just kids not even mine or Husband’s) I packed today then I wonder if it is more of an issue …

English Books
48 Jewish
12 Art
12 Holiday (Thanksgiving, Kwanza, etc.)
16 Eyewitness Non-fictions (World War I & II, Pirates, Cats, Dogs, Boats, Cowboys, Vietnam, etc.)
60 Youngest Son Beginner Readers (mostly paperback)
57 Oldest Son Books (5 Ancestors, Biographies, Classics, Artemis Fowl, Mysterious Benedict Society, etc.)
5 Magic Tree house
3 Flat Stanley
5 Mini-books
87 Paperbacks (Magic School Bus, Scooby-Doo, Curious George, etc.)
26 A-Z Mysteries Paperbacks
106 Hardback Picture as well as Non-fiction
43 Paperbacks (Non-fiction Science, Nature, History, etc.)
1 Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh (I read to Youngest Son this year and cried at the end)

Spanish Books
49 Comics (Avengers, Spiderman, X-man, Secret Invasion, etc.)
29 Spanish Books of various kinds

GRAND TOTAL: 547 Books!

Before you judge me too harshly, here is what Oldest Son said to me last week when we were planning a trip to the local 2nd hand book store in USA – I swear he did!

“Half-Price Books is my Heaven.”

And I do not regret that I brought all our books but I am not sure I am going to have room to get them all in the truck ... update ya later ...

Husband reading at bedtime.


Constantino said...

You should feel proud to have instilled something that not ever parent has, that of the enjoyment of reading. They have the whole world in the hands, instead of in a joy sick connected to a box, powered by electricity. I applaud you, and wish you the best in your new return home.
Your family will look back at this knowing you have given them something priceless!

Husband's Sister said...

Books have always been good friends to me. They educate me, entertain me, and are very portable. We have also had to try to curb our home library. I now bag up the ones I can part with and have my daughter take them to Half Price to sell them. She in turn uses the money to buy or rent her textbooks for college. I find a certain balance there. And, I'll confess to being responsible for some of Nephews' books! Hugs and kisses to all.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

C - I am so happy Oldest Son has this joy that both Husband and I share. But I do think I need to utilize a library card a bit more!

HS - I do beleive it runs in the family for sure! Oldest Son has read the entire A-Z Mystery Series and has re-read his favorite ones too!

Steve Cotton said...

I was just looking at the small pile of books i brought with me in April. I am already planning on how I can bring more back if I go to Oregon in September.

Mic said...

You are a Wonderful Mom to have instilled such an addiction/compulsion in your children.

I too have enjoyed your blog.
Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny. When we lived overseas, reading was a big deal. We had tv, but not a lot to watch. My brother and I would trade a local guy who came around with comic books. I also read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. I think the boys have good habits and hope they avoid the X-box/Wii craze.

Uncle John

American Mommy in Mexico said...

SC - Keeping stocked with books takes some effort for sure.

M - Thanks! We have our moemnts as parents - some great and some not so much ...

UJ - We have avoided video games at home so far but we will give in eventually - just putting it off as long as we can.

hmh26 said...

Oh man---you just made me feel "normal"....I will try my bestest at doing my totals from "medio-memoria"
books sold: 4
books gifted to students-friends: about 100?
books on loan in México while I am here: 80-ish
books I packed and brought home:23
books I packed and are hopefully with my friend at her parents house nearby(by chance our roadtrips back to CA coincided): ??? 2 BIG Duffel bags filled though, I am guessing 50 each? more?
books on my shelves? hundreds
books in boxes under my bed, in the shed, at grandma´s: 1000+

aaaaaaaaaaaaah books!