Friday, July 17, 2009

Travel at a Glance

Today (Thursday 7/17) was my last flight into Mexico as part of our Move to Mexico. Fittingly, it had some unexpected excitement. After flying for about 20 minutes the plane did an abrupt 180 degree turn and headed back to airport. There was possibly a fire in the cargo area. I admit I had a moment of crash fright. We were met by fire engines on the tarmac. All was well though – false alarm. We left again 3 hours later.

While waiting, I calculated some travel statistics for the year:
- I spent 245 days in Mexico this year (out of 13 months.) The rest was in USA working.
- I had 25 round trip flights between Mexico and USA with 3 others within the USA.
- We did 2 round trips via car between USA and Mexico.


Mic said...

You really need to get a pilot's license and a plane.

Husband's Sister said...

I'm glad to hear your flight turned out safely. Y'all are so lucky to have had such a special year. We are looking forward to seeing y'all for the wedding! Safe travelling to you.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

M - Touche!

HS - Yes it was upsetting for a few minutes but AA handled well.

Mic said...

......or lease a block of airtime thru private charter companies. When you are flying often - or several people such as family - it can be efficient & affordable.