Sunday, July 19, 2009

We made it to Saltillo!

My view from front seat to back of SUV - every inch is full - good thing Youngest Son is small!
We left at 7am (about an hour later than we had hoped) and arrived at the Hampton Inn in Saltillo at 9:40pm. Whew. Here are some highlights of today’s Road Trip.

Taco Stands – I Love Them!
We got our first tacos and tamales at 10:30 am from roadside stop off 15 outside of Tequila. Youngest Son and I had bean/steak small tacos and Husband had chicken tamales. I dressed mine with cabbage, salsa and pickled onions.

Our next stop was late afternoon where Youngest Son ordered quesadillas and I got flautas dressed with cabbage, tomatillo sauce, salsa and crème fresh. Husband got a cheeseburger and it had a slice of ham on it which he quickly removed – pork creeps into everything in Mexico!

The day's meals totaled about $11 USD.
Youngest Son Antics

Scene #1 – In car headed down Mexico highway.
Youngest Son
“I gotta poopie.”
Mommy “Can you wait a few minutes?”
Youngest Son “No, I gotta poopie.”
Mommy “Well, you are going to have to wait because we cannot stop here.” (no facilities in sight and no shoulder to pull off onto)
Youngest Son “I went poopie.”

The scene deteriorates from there with me quickly finding a Poopie Bowl and you do not want the rest of the details. Side note: Poopie Bowl now joins Vomit Bucket and PeePee Bottle for our Road Trips.

Scene #2 - Federales Checkpoint # 3 of 4 (we were pulled out 2 of the 4 for search)
Federales ask to purchase our Roller Blades. Husband respectfully declines to sell.
Youngest Son “We can sell Oldest Son’s!”
Note: Oldest Son is not with us ...

Quota is My New Favorite Spanish Word
We took a different route this time by going through Guadalajara to Quota 80 to Aguascalientes. It was a bit out of the way but we avoided the curvy, curvy curvy (but very, very, very beautiful) 54 route. Quota describes the toll roads in Mexico and they were worth every peso today.

We almost made a Mexico Road Trip with no wrong turns which never, ever happens. We made it all the way to Saltillo with no major logistical issues. We arrived at Saltillo just as it got dark and there is tons of construction. So we had to back track a bit but all is well.

We leave at day light tomorrow and cross the border at Nuevo Laredo.
Below is pic from car window of view between Zacatecas and Saltillo. Those "trees" always make me think of Dr. Suess!


Bob Mrotek said...

Those trees are "Yucca" plants. At certain areas and certain elevations around Monterrey and Saltillo they grow very tall and in the spring they have beautiful white flowers that are a delight to behold. You may have seen another plant with big white flowers. It is more of a large shrub and it is called the anacahuite tree. It is the state flower of Nuevo León.

Husband's Sister said...

I'm so glad to hear your trip is going smoothly. We can't wait to hear you are back! I think youngest son's ill timed pit stops come from Husband's side of the family. I can remember as children that he always had to go right after we had just left a rest stop!

VisitLaManzanilla said...

I think we will be heading back to La Manzanilla via texas and Saltillo...So poopie wasn't due to taco stand was it??

Bob Mrotek said...


I think you might be interested in this. I am...but life is so short :)

"Shalom! Franciscan friars to open Hebrew academy"

Constantino said...

Have a pleasant and safe trip!

Midwesterner in Mexico said...

Have been thinking about you guys!! Hope the border crossing was quick & painless and all has been going well! :) Will miss your Mexico updates...!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

BM - I think the Yucca plants make for a very interesting landscape. The Hebrew academy thing is very, very interesting. On the surface it seems like a lovely idea.

HS - I like attributing Youngest Son's "situation" to Husband side :)

VLM - Let me know when you are through and maybe we can connect. No I think the taco stand was good - it was just a Youngest Son thing ...

C & MM - Thanks!

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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