Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reflections: Ten Lifestyle Surprises

Youngest Son "stopping to smell the roses" while on a visit to PV botanical gardens - not posed and symbolic for Youngest Son's approach to life. We have tried to follow his lead this year.

There are many things to reflect on from this past year. Here are some things that impacted our lifestyle:

1) 1 Car: Having 1 vehicle in Mexico has been completely fine for our family of 4 .

2) Weekends Free: With the complete elimination of extracurricular activities for the kids for the first 7 months and just a couple kid activities after school the last few months, we got our weekends back!! Actually, we got way more unscheduled time all the time.

3) Taco Stands: Eating at the taco stands through all of Mexico has been fun, cheap and yummy!

4) Lack of Punctuality: Getting where ever whenever is just the way it is – once you accept and embrace this cultural style – it is a major stress reducer. This includes no shows.

5) School Trust: We did not know in any level of great detail what was going on with the kids’ curriculum, what they ate for lunch, when tests may pop up, etc. We had to listen to our kids, pay attention to the little information we got and be observant. Then Let Go and Trust Our Instincts.

6) No Trophies for All: There are winners and they get rewarded. Deal with it.

7) Fiesta! The school celebrations, birthday parties and other events are joyous and uninhibited full of song, dance and sweets!

8) Topays: Speed bumps are everywhere and it is a full time occupation to watch for them as you drive!

9) Seasons: I have enjoyed living through a full year with 6 months of dry season and 6 months of rainy season. I reacted strongly in a positive way to this climate and its impact on the land, the ocean, the temperature, etc.

10) Adventure: Just the act of living in another country and culture created unexpected experiences constantly which I have loved.

Timeline: I return to Mexico Thursday. Husband, Youngest Son and I have one more big road trip which we will begin on Sunday to return to USA.


Katie said...

I just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I have really enjoyed reading about your family's adventures in Mexico. Have a safe trip back to the states.

Steve Cotton said...

Great summary. But no Excel chart! I suspect it disappeared in the "time" factor.

Nancy said...

Have you decided how you are going to change your lifestyle NOB to reflect what you've experienced? Or are you? I was thinking in particular the extracurricular activities giving you free weekends to spend as a family.

Also, I'm curious what your strategy will be to keep the kids using their spanish?

I'm going to miss you guys!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. I will miss reading your blog, but I am so happy that you did write it!

On Mexican Time said...

What a fantastic year you have had!!! We have all enjoyed reading about it so much!

You most certainly are right about the speed bumps!!! They should be called something else as I'm used to those tiny speed bumps!!!! These are small speed hills! LOL!

I LOVE the getting places wherever and whenever! Hated it at first, but have grown SO much to appreciate it, and not sweat the small stuff!!!

Good luck amiga!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

K - Thanks for kind words!

SC - On man - I will have to come up with an Excel post before the end - I have an idea ...

Nancy - Stay tuned for a post on these very topics! I think the 1st will be very, very hard but we are going to try very, very hard. I am spinning lots of ideas on the Spanish front.

TM - You have provided me with lots of good advice and comments so I thank you for reading!

OMT - Gracias!! From reading the fellow MX blogs we have shared our common and uncommon experiences which is so cool.