Monday, June 14, 2010

Oldest Son Gets Stitches


Oldest Son continues what appears to be a tradition of sorts. He has taken our family further into the Mexico Health Care Experience. (Remember
As you can see from the BEFORE picture above, Oldest Son fell and busted open his chin this afternoon.

Husband and I began the very common parental decision discussion: does he need stitches or not? We decide he probably does.

Husband and I then have the uncommon parental decision of how to handle in Mexico. While we have been to the Mexican doctors many times, we are a little more conscientious due mostly to the risk of infection and some to the cosmetic considerations. We call Other American Family to see if they have a doctor suggestion. We end up with 2 choices: (1) go to large tourist town hospital or (2) go to local small coastal village doctor who only speaks Spanish and seems reputable. We call local doctor. He is there and says he can handle it. Note it is 5:30pm.

Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I walk to get Other American Family's car and head out.

Doctor is ready for us when we arrive. He is very friendly and welcoming. His office is pretty much like other small Mexico village doctor offices: small, sparse and dark. Doctor is dressed plainly. Husband and Oldest Son translate Doctor's Spanish for me. Youngest Son is eager to watch the "show."

Doctor lets us know after first examination that Oldest Son will probably need a couple stitches. Doctor indicates he will use a topical anesthetic. Hmmmm.

Doctor starts cleansing. I am most concerned about infection so his aggressive attack on cleaning puts me at ease. His assistant is a young Mexican girl - sweet but definitely not a nurse. She opens package after package of sterile gauze for the doctor to use. There are several squirts of the topical anesthetic.

Doctor then advises us that a just proper bandage will probably be enough and demonstrates (no stitches.) We decide that we want him to do the stitches so he gladly does as we request.

Doctor starts but the topical is not enough anesthetic. Assistant is off to get the needle. Several injections later Doctor is ready again. Oldest Son's body language shows he is relieved that the stronger anesthetic is used. There seems to be a good bit of blood. Doctor puts in 2-3 stitches, has us look to see if we want another one in the middle. This time Husband and I agree with Doctor that the additional stitch is not necessary.

Whew. Oldest Son was our usual stoic, brave soul. No complaints. No tears.

Doctor writes down the antibiotic and something for pain. He instructs us to keep area dry for couple days, no ocean swimming and come back on Monday (no particular time.) Doctor also says to eat no fat or pork and drink no sodas. Hmmmm.

Husband and I are comfortable that Doctor did a good job and Oldest Son will be alright. We think we made the right series of decisions.

Doctor Cost: $650 pesos which included all the supplies he used (about $46 USD).


Refried Dreamer said...

Awww... poor kid. Glad to see he's all better now and made it through the stitches like a champ!

What i don't understand, is the pork/fat/soda thing. I don't know anything about medicine, but I do know about tattoos and piercings. AND upon moving to Mexico, I began hearing other mexican tattoo artists tell their clients no pork/chile/fat. WTH??? Since I know for a fact, that has NEVER been an issue in the States for so many years, why here in Mexico???

I don't think we'll ever know.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

So Funny. I reacted the exact same way you did! What is the deal with the no fat/prk/sodas? Does someone out there know?

Leslie Limon said...

So glad that Oldest Son is doing good.

As far as the pork/fat/soda thing, I'm just as confused. So I asked Hubby. He says that it has something to do with the fat/pork/soda making blood thicker and that it prevents wounds from healing properly. At least that's what everyone around here thinks! :)

Steve Cotton said...

Interesting. No one told me that when I had my right ankle surgery.

Calypso said...

Bummer for the little hombre - Ice cream heals all wounds.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

LL - Well eating healthy, in general, IS always a good thing!

SC - I am going to have to look back through your blog to find the source of this anke injury??

C - So can we exempt ice cream from the "no fat" rule? :)

Sunshine said...

No tears? What a trooper!

On Mexican Time said...

Awww....poor little guy!!! Does sound like you guys did the right thing, of course!!! I wonder if the Docs back "home" would listen if you asked for more stitches, or anaesthetic!!!??

About two weeks ago my step-mom fell, here in Cancun, and we ended up taking her to the Red Cross for 7 stitches in her head. Total time? 15 minutes. Total cost - $350 pesos donation!!! Can you believe it??!!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I think boys are the reason emergency rooms were invented. My son had more emergency room visits than his two sisters combined! I am glad everything came out okay.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

S - Oldest Son can be quite calm during intense moments.

OMT - That is the fatest stitch job I have ever heard of - wow - glad she was able to get great care!

TM - I agree. Youngest Son was at ER with broken arm last August.

Amanda said...

Sounds like he did great what a great kid. Glad the dr gave something for pain this is something I don't see a lot.

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Doctor also says to eat no fat or pork and drink no sodas. Hmmmm.- what's that about? Glad oldest son is fine and will have a good story to tell the kids back in the states!