Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Camping Friends Checking Out the Beach on Day 1

In our year living in Mexico (July 2008 - July 2009), we were fortunate to have many visitors - special time with special people in our lives.
We were able to replicate that experience last week. Two couples, I will call them our "Camping Friends" stayed a week in the same place we are in now and we were able to show them bits and pieces of Mexico. While Camping Friends have children, they were able to go SOB for an adult vacation.

We had a great time with them.

Here is a glimpse from Camping Friend #1 Husband thanking us: " ... for showing the path less traveled - the taco stands, raw tuna, Tu Pollo, the pie lady, Sienna and fish on a stick at the beach, surfing, Latcho and Andrea, etc."

And another email we just got from Camping Friend #2 Wife: "I want to go back to Mexico. Very crazy week. Very much like in Mexico. Plumbers saying they will come and do not. And, when they finally got here, they even spoke Spanish. Spent 48 hours with plumbers, inspectors and atmos trying to figure out gas leak mess. Trying to board dogs, but petsmart phones at location I want are down until next week...ugh......all this hassle and no waves to go with it!"

Mexico is a frame of mind. It is a way of thinking. It honestly thrills me that our Camping Friends took a part of the "path less traveled" and the "things do not go as expected" paradigm with them back to the USA.

Mexico is way more than geography. Mexico can change you. Or maybe it is just the concept of exploring other ways of approaching life that is the change agent. I do believe that tolerance is the real goal and living abroad for even a small part of my life has made a difference. So sharing that experience with people important to our lives and the lives of our children is significant.

Special time with special people in our lives ... this is what really defines our lives where ever we are ... who ever we are ...


Steve Cotton said...

Amen to that. I have been amazed at how my time in Mexico has affected who I am. I do agree with you, though, that part of who we are is what got us to Mexico in the first place.

Refried Dreamer said...

I agree! Every event in your life is influencial and a move to another country, even more important. I was a mess upon moving to Mexico... and now I can't stay more than two weeks away!!!

Glad you got to share some of the goodness with some good friends!

I ♥ Mexico.

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