Saturday, October 11, 2008

Books, Books, Books

In our prioritization of what to Move to Mexico, we elected to bring all of the kid's books. We even had to purchase shelves at local Home Depot upon arrival. As I type, Oldest Son and Youngest Son are both reading their books quietly in their room.

Kids have been motivated this morning by our re-organizing of their book shelves. I admit I was thrilled to use my labeler! We labeled Jewish, Spanish, Chapter, Comics, Dr Suess, Youngest Son Readers, Picture, Holiday & Art, Activity and finally Nature, Science & History.


In parenting today, "teachable moment" is a buzz phrase. I had one a few minutes ago. Oldest Son picked up First Comes Love by Jennifer Davis and was reading though it. I quickly sat down to read it to him. Why? It is a book that helps explain about love and having babies. I bought it at Half Price Books when I was pregnant with Oldest Son. It is written in a rhyming scheme and discusses animals as well as people. It is beautifully illustrated. Highly recommend. But, make sure you read first because may be too explicit for some families.


ibis said...

Hi, I think you are doing a great job on you blog, I could totally relate to it. Im also a mother but I am mexican, I am living in Vallarta, I´ve lived in the States before so I can see where you´re coming from. I´ve writing a blog too and I´ve been enyoing it! See you!

Vamanos said...

I wrote about books today too - mine though. I'm so jealous that you brought all your books - my husband put his foot down over the weight of it all, so we had to choose, I basically left all our hardcovers home and brought the paperbacks. Friends kept some though and then send them to us once in a while so the girl get "new books". I figure when we leave, I will give all the books to the school since it is hard for them to acquire English materials here.

CancunCanuck said...

I too am envious of all your books! I didn't plan on moving to Mexico so only came down with a back pack for a "vacation". I didn't go home for more than a year and didn't have space to bring back much. I haven't left Mexico in four years so all my great books are in storage in Canada. There is a used book store here which helps, but my collection is not the "good" stuff since it's mostly beach reads.

Thanks for the tip on the kid's book, we are building Max's library slowly, always good to hear what other moms like.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I - I have taken a peak at your blog and look forward to reading more!

V & C - Husband was not so happy when I loaded up those books but I just knew it would be worth it. We actually drove over the border twice so that gave us a bit more fllexibility in bringing stuff like books. Now I did not bring all of our adult books just some.We expect to leave some at kids' school next summer when we leave - especially Youngest Son's simple readers.