Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love My Lemonade

Lemons – I am traveling back and forth weekly to USA.
Lemonade – I am able to provide for my family while doing interesting work and expect to not commute so much after November. And , I get to stay with my Fun Friend and her daughter while in town.

Lemons – I miss the week with Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son
Lemonade – The weekends are so wonderful.

Saturday, we had a late breakfast at our favorite restaurant in local Mexican town. We then went across the street to beach. Husband and I ordered a bucket of cerveza for 80 pesos and the kids played in surf. We supported local economy by purchasing necklaces for boys, earrings for me and a hammock. We then went to local vegetable store to get produce (WARNING: if a dog taking a potty break on the sidewalk in front of your produce store makes you uneasy – do not move to Mexico) We then went home and relaxed before late afternoon Birthday Party (see slightly creepy Piñata below.)

Sunday, we tackled the 6 foot surf at Other American Family’s beach by their home. It was impressive. Oldest Son and I got caught in a bit of a rip tide. Wave #1 took us both down. We looked up and saw Wave #2. Oldest Son screamed (imagine little boy in Home Alone), I grabbed him and boogie board and dove under. We came up and Other American Father whisked Oldest Son away. All was fine and Oldest Son playing in sand within minutes.

I am back in USA for the week …


Husband's Sister said...

From reading your blog, it seems like you are spending quality family time on the weekends. I hope you'll get to where you don't have to travel so much. Meanwhile, it appears that Brother and Nephews 1 and 2 are doing quite well and I'll bet you are the center of their universe when you are home. Thanks for the pics - they were great!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

HS - You are so right! We are focused on the positive and time we have right now is wonderful and unique. We are fortunate to have our health and each other.

Vamanos said...

Wait - you have lemons on your coast? Only limes exist here! :)
You are staying a year right? It wil fly - we've been here 8 months now, hard for me to fathom. Don't worry about the lemons and enjoy the lemonade (but make sure you know where the ice came from!)

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Lemons to lemonade. Good for you! As the parent who is currently in Mexico while the other is in US I appreciate your point of view. Ha! One of the very few things that bothers me about La Manzanilla is the copious amount of dog poop!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

V - yes after I did my post it occurred toi em that limes and limade would be more appropriate!

V (2) - The communting thing is tough but this too will pass ... the part I did not put in blog is that dog then ate his poop - UGH