Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School Update #2 - Tests & Reports

Oldest Son got results of yesterday's Natural Science test and he did well. He took Spanish today which he thought it went okay. Last one tomorrow! History. He studied about Mexico and Nayarit history tonight.

The last two weeks we have received a 1 page report for Youngest Son. It has about 20 items with written comments such as si, no, en proceso, algunas veces, etc.

I am happy to report Youngest Son has not fallen asleep in class. What a relief! Okay I am being a bit sarcastic. Husband and I think this line item communicated to parents weekly is just too funny.

Youngest Son is having such a great year and doing to so well. Youngest Son is our beautiful, spirited child. He is so full of life and enthusiasm and tenacity. He is a "lethal" combination of intelligence and personality and striking looks. He is dramatic and embraces every life experience. We often reach into our parenting skills bag to provide loving guidance. He is our little wild card.

Here is a bad copy of the Report. It is in Spanish which means Husband translated for me although I was able to make out some of it ...

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