Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting: Absentee or Polls?

Today was the day. I voted. But I almost did not.

Husband requested absentee voting for both of us. I mailed his a couple weeks ago. Since I am in USA weekly, I decided to vote at polls.

I went for early voting tonight. The computer system immediately identified me as an absentee voter. Over comes Judge. He grabs a couple forms and asks me a few questions:

Did I request absentee voting? Yes

Do I have form? Not with me

Where do you live? Well ... Mexico

Judge gets on phone. Can they cancel my absentee request and allow me to vote? This Judge was great - he was definitely working to help me exercise my right to vote.

Judge was even surprised when the "people on phone" said I was good to go. I signed a few papers and was in my booth within minutes.

Husband and I canceled out the other's vote for President. Can you guess who voted for whom?


Steve Cotton said...

I have long ago learned that I have absolutely no facility for guessing how people will vote. I am friends with a "young" interracial couple in their 30s. He is white, fundamentalist Christian, drives a pickup, with family roots in Alabama. She is African-American, works for legal aid, and grew up in Chicago. He is voting democrat; she is voting republican. But that is why I love America. We are more than mere cultural stereotypes.

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Cancelled each other out! Wow, I'd be interested to hear your dinner conversations.

Jennifer said...

For the first year ever Shawn and I will not be canceling each other out. Know how you feel!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

S- I so agree with you! Thanks goodness for our democracy!

V - Frankly, our conversations do not go too long for the sake of harmony. Fortunately, we agree on most social issues.

J - this is 2 elactions for us now.

Kerri Evans said...

I know who voted for who - Ronda I am so disappointed after all the emails I sent you and you still voted for him!!!! Oh well, at least I can count on Tom to cancel you out! Love you anyway!