Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Expo

The Expo was Thursday evening and it was glorious in typical Mexican chaos.

The Spokesperson situation was handled by having each Country/Grade represented by a child tell about the Country speaking in English wearing a banner with the Country’s name and then having a child wearing a Translator banner who spoke in Spanish. I am proud to report both Oldest Son and Youngest Son translated perfectely in Spanish!

However, this approach took longer since 17 Countries were represented. The 2 hour event went 4 hours! No one seemed to mind.

There were child decorated booths with childish homemade items for sale such as toilet paper rolls painted and converted to pencil holders, mini-flags, decorated pencils, cupcakes, etc. We are the proud owners of many of these trinkets.

Food! Yes all kinds of food items for sale donated and made by the parents.
This is our 2nd big event at the school (the other was the Christmas show) and I have thought about how this event differs from the similar school shows in the USA. It is the uninhibited dancing and joy shown through music. Every Country/Grade presented a dance routine in full costume and much enthusiasm. It just made me feel happy. Youngest Son did an authentic dance from Jalisco in full Mexican regalia and his partner Tessa, was beautiful in her yellow Mexican dress.

There were also moments of raw emotion. The 3 and 4 year olds sang Imagine where each child wore costumes and banners from different Countries. There were many teary eyes in the audience.

The finale was the entire school singing We Are the World. The Director gave Youngest Son the microphone several times along with a couple other Kinder3 girls. I am tearing up as I write this paragraph.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son ran around with their friends and had a special evening. They are comfortable and safe in their school. Once again we feel positive about this wonderful year they are experiencing.

I am starting to think it may be harder than I anticipated to go home to the USA for me …


Bob Mrotek said...


You said, "I am starting to think it may be harder than I anticipated to go home". You haven't realized it yet but maybe you already are "home". I certainly feel that way and the projections are that in the next ten years about eight million more Americans will move to Mexico. That means that you and your family and people like me are pioneers :)

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- I am not certain you know how you have made a lot of us feel as if we are uncles and aunts to your boys. Every triumph. Every joy. Every pratfall. They are part of our lives -- and we will miss you when you head north. Until then, we are going to enjoy every moment we have together in this virtual community.

Husband's Sister said...

We are so happy the boys were able to participate in and enjoy the program. They look so cute in the photos! Again, y'all will have another wonderful memory to enjoy in the years to come. Thanks so much for sharing this moment with us.

ibis said...

Hello there! Yes I know can read that you have received the Mexican treatment? I dont know what it is but I see it all the time. Americans and Canadians falling in love with I don't know of Mexico. I felt it too being Mexican, when I lived in the US and longed for being here (I was also happy there but there was something missing) so, glad you feel at home and I am positive that you, your husband and your kids have growned a lot by being here, thats the prize for the coragiuos people like you that move south of the border with kids!!!

On Mexican Time said...

Suuuucchhhh a cute picture of los dos!!!!

Certainly makes me feel better about starting my family here in Mexico, and not up North in frio Canada!!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I think you also picked a wonderful school for the kids, the stars were all aligned when you made you choice to visit Mexico. Whether you stay or not it will always be a wonderful memory for your family.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

BM - Perhaps you are right and we will find our way back ...

SC- What a touching comment - thank you

HS - I will certainly remember this special year forever

i - It is true what you say - many of us do "fall in love"

OMT - of course being here one year and being here forever are two different choices - anywhere you choose to raise children will be an adventure - perhaps you will take your kiddos back to Canada for 1 year!

TM - the stars have SO been aligned from the start. There is certainly a touch of luck in this year for us

CancunCanuck said...

What a great post, I could feel your pride and emotion in the words. Great job boys~! It sounds like you are gaining more or at least something different than you may have expected in your move.

Linda Lou said...

What a wonderful post...wonderful kids, wonderful school, wonderful community. I have wondered what it would have been like to have moved to mexico earlier in life, when kids would have been introduced to so much here. As we did not do that, I really enjoy reading about you and your family here in Mexico.

Michele in Playa said...

Coming up on our fourth ear here in Playa with our three kids, I certainly can relate to the experience you had a your childrens' school. We have had our "moments" as well but, for the most part, I am much happier raising our children here than I was back in New York. Good luck with your stay back NOB. Our visits are more and more sporatic. I guess we are "home" right where we are.