Thursday, February 5, 2009


With the Moving to Mexico this year and writing a blog, I have hooked into the blogger world of Expats.

We have friends with a daughter in 3rd grade in living in Madrid, Spain for one year: (check out their fabulous history laced adventures!)

A recent post from this blog included:
"Knowing what I now know I am embarrassed that I got this far in my life before having lived outside the United States for any period of time. It only takes willingness."

I think this is a powerful statement. I have been mulling it over.

I feel incredibly privileged be taking this year abroad. For our family, it was tough pulling off the actual Move to Mexico but this probably had more to do with deciding to move in late March and then leaving the USA in June - these 3 months were very intense!

Personally, I wished I had taken some time to live outside of the USA right out of college. And I mean LIVE not visit. The rhythms of the life in a location are always changing. It is interesting to see how our Pacific coast ocean village changes from month to month, from holiday to holiday, from rainy season to dry season ...

I feel like I have acquired more sensitivity to different ways of doing things. Who am I to judge what is best? “Best” is different for everyone and there are way too many variables in this world to decide there is a “right way.” I will go home with more empathy and tolerance.

I will certainly be more understanding of those with English as a second language. It is hard for many of us to learn a new language as an adult. I am maxed out with work, family and experiencing Mexico so putting in the study hours for Spanish has been impossible for me.

I hope for Oldest Son and Youngest Son to recognize there is a big, wonderful world beyond the USA that they can choose to explore. I wish for them to gain the knowledge and confidence to choose the paths right for them and to realize there are many, many options.

I am thankful to be a USA citizen. The opportunities, freedom and education gained in the USA are what make venturing to other countries possible.

We will go back to the USA in July knowing this year was a priceless gift with rewards too numerous to outline in one blog post. Will we do it again? If the right opportunity and circimstances presents itself – you bet!


Bob Mrotek said...

You are very lucky. I didn't realize what you now realize until I was already in my fifties. The sad thing is that the majority of Americans will never have this marvelous awakening experience. I think that you and your husband have given your children a very special gift. May God bless you and your family.

Nancy said...

The experience you all are having is so life changing you will never go back and be the same people you were. I think your kids will be more open to new experiences and well as having a foundation in a new language...very cool.

Steve Cotton said...

I hope I have the opportunity to meet you and the three guys when I head down to Melaque. I will be coming through your area in mid to late April.

On Mexican Time said...

It truly is an experience of a lifetime, isn't it?

Your kids will truly appreciate this experience...Even moreso when they are older !!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

BM - We are fortunate indeed. I am not far behind you though since I am well into my 40s!

N - I hope all you wrote is true. I am a different person already.

SC - We may actually be driving through your town in June so hopefully ...

OMT - The kids will take away different "stuff" than Husband and me. I hope it is "stuff" that helps them navigate their world better!

Ginger said...

In retirement, I still struggle to find balance. Where does the time go? Sounds like you had the perfect day!