Friday, February 20, 2009

Interesting Turn of Events

Youngest Son with his sombrero for his Mexico costume for The Expo.
Perhaps we "made a difference." This is part 3 from the last two posts - the topic that just keeps giving.

Guess who is a native-English language Spokesperson for Kinder3? Youngest Son! He will talk about Mexico in Spanish at The Expo next week.

It appears that the fallout from Oldest Son being added as the native-English language Spokesperson for 3rd Grade is a wider adjustment in The Expo's protocol.

I am guessing that many of the Grades/Countries will now have 2 Spokespersons:
- A native-English language Spokesperson giving a speech in Spanish
- A native-Spanish language Spokesperson giving a speech in English

We are somewhat amused and awed by the turn of events. This approach makes allot of sense if you have a multi-cultural school who is putting on a multi-cultural event. And many (most I think) of the parents only speak Spanish so they will get learn about all the Countries too.

Life is never dull here.
Wonder what they will do next year ...


Steve Cotton said...

Some say that When God closes a door, He opens a new window. In this case, He may have opened a whole new street. All as a result of your patience and willingness to find something good in a very bad situation.

Perhaps, next year the two spokesmen will become a tradition, and years on people will say: Remember when we started this? I wonder what happened to Those Two American Boys?

On Mexican Time said...

That's fantastic!!!

Things like this do make me think what my kids will be treated like one day ... that is when I have them! Half Cdn (english being my second language) and half Mxn (Husaband speaking 5)... I only hope for the best :)

CancunCanuck said...

I'm glad that a resolution has been found, I know that the kids will gain so much from this experience.

BTW, when I related the story to Hubby (a Mexican man of course), he was infuriated. He actually said "Pinches Mexicanos! Maleducados! (Damned Mexicans, how rude!) He was ashamed of the behaviour of his countrymen and expressed concern over Max's future experiences as a "white", bilingual, bi-cultural Mexican child. I hope that he does not face discrimination, but sadly, we do anticipate problems. I hope that we are able to handle the situation as well as you and your dear family have done.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

SC - I hope that your prophecy comes true. I truly believe change happens 1 person at a time with as many people doing what they can as frequently as possible. By exposing our (I mean the world society) children to other cultures and belief systems - that change the world eventually.

OMT - Your children are the future and you will teach them to make the difference.

CC - Thanks for sharing your husband's thoughts. It does make us feel better knowing others feel the same. Like OMT above, your kid(s) will be the future. They will grow up with the knowledge of multiple languages, cultures and backgrounds. Our future leaders!

ken kushnir said...

Is political correctness coming to Mexico...?