Sunday, February 8, 2009


My Saturday was balanced.

Work - I spent 3 hours working this morning but sat with kids with my laptop while they played around me.

Kids & Exercise - Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I went on a bike ride - sort of. Kids biked while I jogged. We had a good time. Youngest Son is doing very well with his biking skills.

Reading - While on our bike/run, Oldest Son and I discovered a "borrow book shelf" at complex office. I agreed to let Oldest Son read Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien - I am a little nervous about the complexity for him. I also picked up a fluffy fiction book which I read through the afternoon. So nice.

Rest - Took a little nap!

Wife - Managed to have quality time with Husband which included a night out with friends and dancing! The Twisted Rose has a really fun Salsa Band. One of my "secret" loves is dancing but I have never learned to Salsa Dance. I started getting the footwork down tonight but need more practice - definitely!

Balance. A day to day struggle in any country. Today I succeeded. Tomorrow - we will see ...


On Mexican Time said...

poco y poco!!!

Sounds like an all around great day!!!

I hope one day your gang makes it over to our side - would love to host you and your family!!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I read the Hobbit in the 6th grade. I liked it. Your son has the advantage or maybe the disadvantage of having seen the movie. If they like fantasy they might enjoy InkHeart (El libro magico), it was not too scary and definitely pg.
The only thing about Tolkien is that he never uses one word where 15 will do so it may be a bit wordier than he is used to.
What's the worse thing that can happen?
I can't get over the incrediable photo on the previous post, I keep going back to it, to see if it's enhanced in any way. Jaw dropping beauty.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

OMT - Cancun would be very nice but we will not get during our residency here. I expect we will visit there at some date in the future. Hopefully to scuba dive in Cozumel. Thanks for the generous offer - perhaps you will still be there ...

TM - With the Harry Potter books - our deal with Oldest Son was he could see movie AFTER he read book. This worked out well. We will likely do the same with the Lord of the Rings books. He is reading Fellowship now and seems to be doing alright but I am checking in with him often.

Both boys love fantasy so we will check out El libro magico.

Thanks SO MUCH for the comment on my photo. It is pure - no enhancements at all. I took it at sunrise from our master bedroom balcony. Luck mostly. The right time, right light, right angle. I love how the colors pop