Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson book kids brought home - it is in Spanish.

So we have purposely avoided any extracurricular type kid activities while in Mexico. Let’s just call it Parent Burn Out. See my prior post for the soapbox.

We now seem ready to expand just a tiny bit since:

- Oldest Son and Youngest Son are now in the 2nd half of their school year and are both very comfortable in their studies. We appear to have weathered the Spanish transition.

- Youngest Son has been asking to take music lessons for over a year.

- Oldest Son has bonded with his Music Teacher at school who raves about Oldest Son’s recorder playing abilities. This Music Teacher provides lessons after school.
- Lessons after school do not interfere with our weekends.
- Guitar Lessons and books are in Spanish and both kids can function in a Spanish world now.

- Husband plays guitar and can guide their practice - enjoyable for Husband and another way to bond with kids. (I have less than zero musical aptitude!)
- For both kids, twice a week for 1 hour each Guitar Lesson by Music Teacher is only $1,200 pesos per month (that is about $23 USD per week!) – oh my gosh!

So we have made an agreement with the kids to try the lessons for 1 month. We think it is important to expose the kids to music lessons so this is a great opportunity before we re-enter the USA kid rat race.
Husband and Youngest Son practicing hand placement:


Ginger said...

When our boys were young, we became involved with competitive roller skating - figures, freestyle, dance and Speed skating. We were at the rink every day but Sunday for private lessons, practice or speed workouts! Then we traveled at least once a month to out of town meets. Then as the guys got older, we moved to track, bicycle racing, motorcycle motocross, and ice hockey. These activities seem to consume you. One of the team parents used to say that once you were involved it is like a cult, it takes all your money, all your time and all your energy! It is good to be involved and we loved the friendships and activities we attended, but such a busy schedule is a strain! You have been so smart to take a step back and limit activities. I agree that we put a lot of pressure on our children and we need to just let them be kids!!!

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- That photograph of the two hands sums up this experience. Music is a big part of my life, I am not very good at playing it, but it teaches so much about life.

Just one note of concern: it appears we have another boys vs. girl situation developing here. Join in the lessons. You might really enjoy it.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

There is a big difference between the all consuming competitive sport scene and getting lessons like guitar. One of my kids was a competitive rider (actually she was a competitive everything) and another was a singer. The singer was easier, we did go to a few competitions and recitals, but nothing like doing the horse show circuit. Both of them played piano.
Also I think playing an instrument is a life skill, something you can enjoy for ever, no matter your level.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

G - It is so hard to know that right balance. It has been nice to stop this year and let the kids just be kids.

SC- Your concern is valid - look for a post inspired by you!

TM - You are so right. Activities require different kinds of committments and different kids have different needs. It is good to have options in this world for all of us to make choices. We are excited about the music exposure - we will see how it goes ...

Husband's Sister said...

What a wonderful photo - you have such talent with a camera and a great ability to capture these milestones! This photo will be a sweet reminder as years go by...

Beth said...

Great picture - tells a thousand words.

I'm curious what you think about returning to the states and the "kid rat race". Are you excited about it? Unhappy? Anxious?

You've had such a great experience. I have no doubt that in the same situation I would have a very difficult time leaving.


VisitLaManzanilla said...

Lyle has been asking for piano lessons, along with judo, I think maybe next year we will be ready. We see our cousins in the states playing soccer and basketball- 2 kids, 2 sports, that poor family is never home.

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Jeff Clark said...

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