Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise: Scorpions & Surfers

We got a call at 7:30 am this morning. Other American Family Dad got stung by a scorpion on his hand while picking a swimsuit up off the floor. (Other American Family is from same USA community as us and we caught their coattails to move down here last year.)

Other American Family had anti-venom serum and needle in house and Other American Family Mom administered it to Other American Family Dad. They dropped their 3 boys off at our house on the way to the hospital so we could take boys to school with our kids. The hospital gave him more anti-venom serum for later and sent him home. Other American Family Dad is in pain and cannot feel his hand at all. The numbness may last a long time – so the doctor says.

We have not seen too many scorpions around our home – thank goodness!

Our Dearest Friends from USA arrived yesterday.

We dropped Dearest Mom, Dearest Dad, 13 Year Old Girl and 11 Year Old Boy off at local surfer village this morning. They had a great time in typical Mexico fashion. Dearest Mom had a series of negotiations with several surfer dudes for lessons and somehow started at $250 pesos per hour and ended at $500 pesos per hour. No that is NOT a typo – they ended up paying more but a good time was had by all anyway. 13 Year Old Girl did lots of “beach shopping” acquiring a silver opal ring, a ceramic bowl and a sarong without moving from under her umbrella.

Oh, they also noticed that the cerveza cost less than the fruit juice. Welcome to Mexico!


CancunCanuck said...

Ouch, scorpion bites! We've had a couple in the house, but I've been told they are not of the deadly variety. Um, ok, still don't like'em. I sure hope your friend feels better soon. I must say, I am now a "shoe shaker" even though we've only had a couple.

I had to giggle at the negotiations for surf lessons, I guess as long as they had fun it all turned out alright.

Calypso said...

500 pesos an hour for surfing lessons - yikes - someone has to keep the Mexican economy afloat - better you than me I suppose ;-).

No scorpions here or 500 an hour surf instructors. I did have to pay 200 pesos to use a taxi driver's cell phone one time.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

If it makes your friends feel any better I almost paid $600 pesos for a pizza instead of $150 the other day. I wasn't feeling well so we ordered a pizza delivered. I handed the guy what I thought was $150 pesos and told him to keep the change, he looked at it and shook his head no, and handed me back a $500 peso note!

On Mexican Time said...

Okay, I haven't scene a scorpion yet!! (knock on wood!!!)

I know someone who once paid $65 usd for a henna tatoo on the beach in pv!!! LOL - I think I paid $95 for a real one in Canada!!!

VisitLaManzanilla said...

We've found 1 scorpion and 3 other nasty looking hairy black spiders in our new house. I asked our house cleaner what they do to keep the spiders out and she showed me stick that looks like chalk. She put a line under all the doors and we haven't seen another spider. We are very careful to step over poison, heaven only knows what it really is!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

CC- yes the negotiations can go any way in MX!

C - Yes $500 pesos is quite a bit but that is the going rate!

TM - What an honest guy!

OMT - $65!!! that seems like a bit much to me!

VLM - voodoo?

Babs said...

Keep meat tenderizer available for scorpion bites - it works just like it works for jellyfish stings. It neutralizes the venom. Used it all the time when I had a Girl Scout troop.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

B - I have used for other stings but did not think of for scorpion - thanks!