Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Unexpected Mexico Evening

So I have concluded that I do indeed like to take the path less taken. This may seem obvious but it has taken me awhile to recognize this fundamental characteristic. Last night was a night not like many others but like so many in Mexico – unexpected.

Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I take off on our bikes to get tacos in our marina village. We chug over cobblestones, slip on sand, zip through the marina and arrive at the village square.
First we bike to music place where we have seen lessons being given. We are looking for new guitar teacher for kids. We meet Edgar the Guitar Teacher. Yes he can take on Oldest Son and Youngest Son. Three 1 hour lessons per week for 200 pesos. Great. Edgar the Guitar Teacher does not write down our name or take or any money. Just bring kids next week. Done. Gracias. See ya next week. So simple.
Oldest Son and Youngest Son spot friend and follow her to her grandmother’s house next to Art Gallery which is next to Edgar the Guitar Teacher.

We go to Art Gallery. We bought raffle tickets last week and won a CD and print. We pick them up and guess what? Art Gallery Owner is holding Auction next door at coffee shop at 7. We say we will come back. Now Art Gallery and Auction implies something grandiose. This is a small, small Art Gallery and the Auction is bordering on junk …

Oldest Son and Youngest Son lose track of friend. Where is she?

Taco Stand is next stop and we bike down the street. Oh drats. Closed on Mondays. We decide to try a place not visited before that has Mexican food and is across from Art Gallery. We bike back down street. Youngest Son orders pork stew – he is the best eater ever! I got wonderful sopes and Husband has surprisingly good shrimp. The cerveza and soda goes down smoothly.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son look for friend again. She's gone??

Time for the Auction. There are about 11 people including us and 63 items! Oldest Son and Youngest Son have the best time browsing, looking at list, determining prices.

The Auction begins! Art Gallery Owner is from France and speaks English, Spanish and French. He is very entertaining. I cannot help but wonder how this Art Gallery Owner makes a decent living.

Oldest Son vies for a stack of 5 books and snags them for 50 pesos:
- Animal Farm by George Orwell – 35th Printing
- In Cold Blood by Truman Capote – Hard Copy, 1st Printing (Obviously we will not allow Oldest Son to read this one)
- Edgar Cayce on Prophecy by Mary Ellen Carter
- Erewhon by Samuel Butler
- Art by Clive Bell

Youngest Son acquires a small ceramic mask for 30 pesos.

Youngest Son tries for a little truck but is overbid. Oldest Son swoops in at 40 pesos to lock in for his brother!

Oh the thrill of it all! We leave at item number 39.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son give up on finding friend.

So now it is dark. We bike back home on a different route through more cobblestone streets, sliding on sandy dirt roads, stopping to pee (it is nice to be a boy), pushing our bikes over mounds of rocks and arrive safely at our villa.

I had a great time.


Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Hello American Mom! I am a Canadian Mom living on the other coast of Mexico in Playa del Carmen. Thanks for sharing your night of adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bob Mrotek said...

I love Orwell's Animal Farm. I have read it four times in English and the Spanish version was the first book that I read in Spanish. I have seen a number of theater versions also. I think it is a very good book for kids. I wonder what your son will think of it.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks for taking me along on your bike ride. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

SMB - Always love to hear from other Moms in Mexico!

BM - I too am anxious to hear what Oldest Son thinks. He is on a stack of A-Z Mysteries so may be couple weeks ...

S - We were all tired too. Kids went right to sleep!

Linda Lou said...

I could see you flying through the streets! Really a very nice adventure!

ken said...

It is so neat that you have ventured with your family into new lands! Too bad more people don't get off their butts and do the same, it would make for a better world!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

LL - we were flying anmd slipping and sliding - those sandy dirt roads are tricky!

K - I have come to the same conclusion this year. If people could live among others - it would help so much on the tolerance front. Especially with teaching children from early in life. (Although history has shown, that peoples who have lived in harmony as neighbors for years can turn to hate quickly.)

ibis said...

Hello. That is really nice evening. I can perfectly picture you all walking through La Cruz, going to tacos on the street and hving a hard but time with those bikes on the streets.. Cool!