Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th - The Day We Knew Would Arrive

Yesterday we get a note from School saying we have a meeting at 8:10 this morning with K3 teachers for Youngest Son. I quickly re-scheduled a meeting. This is the first time we have been invited to what appears to be a parent teacher conference!

We show up at the school this morning and two other sets of parents arrive with us. Maestra Spanish and Teacher English pass out report cards and samples of school work.

Maestra Spanish does most of talking so I cannot understand anything. Husband translates when he can.

Good News First: Youngest Son gets the highest marks (E = Excellent) in all academics. Maestra Spanish says he learns rapido!

Bad News: All the parents gathered are parents of children whose conduct needs to improve. Since back from winter break, Youngest Son has been talking and playing too much in class. Now he still got a MB (muy bien) in all his conduct marks (E is highest then MB, B, P) so he is still within an okay zone - so far.

Comment #1: Husband and I are somewhat amused that the 3 rowdy children are being discussed in a group setting with all the parents together. We have no issue with this approach. But - you guessed it - the politically correct USA schools would never handle this way.

Comment #2: If I was staying here another year - I would HAVE to learn to at least understand Spanish as spoken. It is a yucky feeling to not be able to understand anything being said - especially when it involves my child.

Comment #3: The Day We Knew Would Arrive. We knew when Youngest Son was comfortable in Spanish that his true spirit would surface. Youngest Son likes to amuse his friends and himself. Youngest Son exudes a joy for life and living it to its fullest. He is outgoing, fun and appealing. But. Youngest Son likes to do what Youngest Son wants to do. Arrrggghhh. So now we will shift into higher parenting mode to make sure he does not fall down to a B or P ...


Steve Cotton said...

Your two sons sound like reflections of my younger brother and me. I was -- and still am -- a pleaser, always the teacher's pet. When my brother would get the same teachers two years later, he was constantly faced with: "Why can't you be like Steve?" Of course, he became -- or was -- the rebel of the family. Trying to harness that power must be a challenge for parents: appreciating the power of personality while controlling it. I wish you well.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

S - Yep - sounds very similar. I actually adore Youngest Son's spirit but he is a parenting challenge. The very qualities that make him so special are the qualties that present difficulty. Just like many things in life, big rewards are often tied to big effort.