Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oldest Son is 9

Oldest Son is in his last single digit year. Motherhood is a bittersweet experience for me. My greatest joy is seeing the boys progress through life. With each step forward, my job as their mother is being fulfilled. However, I do mourn the loss of the infant, then the toddler, then the small boy …
We had series of celebrations for Oldest Son:

Best Buddy and His Family from USA were visiting us and Other American Family (family from our same area in USA who we moved down with.) Oldest Son invited Other American Family 9 Year Old Boy (an his brothers too), Best Buddy and a Mexican Friend for swimming, Spiderman piñata and cake. American Family 9 Year Old Boy and Best Buddy stayed for sleepover. (Mexican Friend’s mama was not comfortable with Mexican Friend spending the night.) The 3 boys had a wonderful visit – a special time for Oldest Son.

At Oldest Son’s School we took a Tres Leches cake up at lunch time for all the 3rd Graders. Youngest Son joined us as well. The kids sang Happy Birthday in English and then Las Mañanitas in Spanish. Very sweet.

On his real birthday (actual date) we and Dearest Friends (last day of their visit) went to the Zip Lines over the canopy which was super fun. At home, we had a cake which Other American Mommy had made for Oldest Son - so kind! Unfortunately, Oldest Son was at the front end of a stomach virus. After opening presents, he asked to go to bed – a sure sign that our grown up 9 year old Oldest Son was feeling poorly.


Calypso said...

Congrats to oldest son! Our oldest son (and only child) will soon be 19 ;-)

It goes by fast - Enjoy!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

C - Gracias ... it is hard to imagine them as young men like your "Oldest Son" but it will be here soon ... our Oldest Son is 1/2 way there already!

On Mexican Time said...

Awww...How fun it is to have his best buddy there!!! Very cool :)

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- Pass on my birthday congratulations. You almost make me feel like an uncle.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

OMT - Our kids miss their friends the most so this a treat indeed!

S - Ahhh ... Makes me think of the recent comments/post on your blog about how we feel connected. I agree with Babs that it will be a great thesis for someone soon.