Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Friends

Really, really, really nice mother of one of Oldest Son's friend hosted an Adios Amigos Swim Party for Oldest Son and "Other Family Moving to Mexico's" Oldest Son.

A perfect way to end 2nd Grade for Oldest Son. There were 20+ boys swimming and playing basketball. Many parents also hung around and visited.

Another mother of Oldest Son's friend made me a necklace with beads she made herself. This mother truly has a "heart of gold" - she is so loving and sweet. The beads are the colors of Mexico. I am so touched. And I LOVE the necklace!

Husband's Brother arrived for visit today and got to enjoy the festivities. He commented on how nice our friends are and how well behaved the boys were at party. His comment made me happy and sad (notice how often I have conflicting emotions.) Happy that Yes we do have friends that are are genuinely nice people who are raising really good kids. Sad to leave them all.

Okay, it is only 1 Year. Remember this ...

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Fat Doctor said...

You know, if you drink enough and spin those beads to and fro, you will be so entertained that you won't miss your TV.