Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th - The List So Far

The past week or so has been a little too much. I was out of town working for 5 days and that always throws life a bit out of whack. I just reduced my personal email from 350 emails to 55 and my work email from 390 emails to 72. If I can keep each to double digits, I feel some illusion of control.

So where are we in the Move to Mexico. We are still inching along.

House - Ultimate Goal is to Get Ready to RENT!

  • Roof - DONE
  • Outside Painting - Next week
  • Pool Repair - Getting bids
  • Inside Repairs - Most done
  • Inside Painting - TBD


  • Go to Mexico - Started a very small area of movables
  • Store - Still need to rent storage place
  • Try to sell - Put some items on Craig's List - NO LUCK
  • Give away - I gave away 4 boxes of art supplies and moved a flatbed full of stuff out
  • House at friend's - We did get the Sukkah to friends this weekend
  • Yard Sale/Donate - I have turned our dining room into the "holding tank" for all things we are getting rid of - so far we have toys, furniture, books, costumes, kitchen items


  • Mexican Rental Home - Still no lease ... getting a bit nervous ... may have to send Husband to Mexico
  • Mexican School - We have almost all paperwork in and a visit scheduled with kids on July 1st
  • Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Immigration Papers, etc - Husband says he has it all under control. Hope so.
  • Shots - In annual check ups today for Oldest and Youngest Sons, we raised the question of what medications (malaria, etc.) and immunizations (hepatitis, etc.) do we need? Research in progress - stay tuned.

Oh man - that is all the "listing" I can stand today - more later.

Sidenote: Just read Fat Doctor's blog - I too was very, very, very blue last weekend - on the up swing now. I accept that this happens to me. It is okay. Thank God for understanding Husband.

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Fat Doctor said...

This list makes my chest hurt.