Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

What a really wonderful day!

We have Camping Friends who I will now call Sailing Friends. We have known them for over 6 years and have had many, many camping excursions with them. The amazing memories we have going on trips with them are too numerous to count. They have two boys also. We truly love hanging out with these guys.

We went out to the lake today with these Sailing Friends who have a new sailboat - it "flew" its sails for the first time today! What fun!

First we did a bike ride around the lake (9 miles), then we picnicked on the Sail Club deck (home smoked chicken, pasta salad, fresh pineapple), then we played catch (baseball) and then we went sailing. Are you picturing that classic All American Day? Norman Rockwell come to mind?

Well it was a perfect day for me, American Mommy in Mexico who just still happens to be in America.


Fat Doctor said...

Beautiful photo. You are so talented. Keep this blog coming. I can't wait to follow your life while you are down there.

Anonymous said...

Cool that we made the blog. I feel so important. :-) Glad to be called "sailing friends." Looking forward to many more excursions.