Monday, May 19, 2008

Husband in Mexico

Due to our switch in roles this past year, I have not been with kids while Husband travels in long time. Before Husband would travel on average once or twice a month. Now I have been traveling a bit and Husband with boys.

It felt nice to be "primary caregiver Mommy" this morning. I do miss it. Not complaining. Just stating.

Frankly, our family is incredibly fortunate to be able to vary our approach in family structure. We made a very conscious decision in 2003 for "less income" when we first gave up 2 full-time consulting salaries. I created a business that allows me to be part-time or full-time according to family needs. Husband and I have revolved in and out of primary breadwinner and primary caregiver roles ever since. It does not always work perfectly and it is more unpredictable but so far so good for our family. We just adapt to the life scenario presented each year.

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