Sunday, May 25, 2008

No TV ...

Question: Why so many wires when no TV?

This has been an eventful week!

Moving Sale - Finally, we had our Moving Sale (garage sale.) We cleared over $1,200 so you can only imagine how much stuff we had to move outta here! Husband and I feel like we are 60! All the lifting and moving stuff has been a wee bit hard on our 40+ year old bodies.

NO TV - Yes, we sold all 3 TVs. We will be without any TV until July 1st when we move to Mexico. We do have the portable DVD player so the kids can watch some DVDs. Frankly, I think this will be hardest on me. I have fallen into the really, really bad habit of zoning out into front of the TV after kids in bed. What will I do now to relax?

Mexican Villa - We decided on the more expensive, on the beach, nicer Mexican Villa to be our home for the next year. Like many decisions these days - I am both excited and nervous. Excited about the great living accommodations and nervous about the expense.

House Painted - The outside-of-house painters arrived Monday (of course just when Husband in Mexico). They are pretty much done. There is still some carpentry work but the house does look spiffy.

American Home - Property Manager (also Best Friend from College) meets with us this Thursday to list American Home for rental. Between now and then, we have to be "show ready." I am going to need a year in Mexico to recover from the Move to Mexico ...

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