Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mexican Realtor Contact Made! - OH NO!

Well, we got smart and called the general office of Mexican Realtor versus his mobile or direct line. And guess what? He was there. The good news is we still have the townhouse we opted for weeks ago.

The story is that Out-of-Country Owner has been difficult but is expected in Mexico this week. Husband is set to meet with Mexican Realtor on Monday. Sigh of relief. We were really getting nervous.

Hopefully, this time next week we will have signed lease.

UPDATE - Just got email that we may not get the property - we are back to Panic Mode.

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Fat Doctor said...

I hope you become accustomed to this "Mexican time." It is a whole different place there.

My patients who are recent immigrants from Mexico have such a hard time with time as we know it. They just don't think about it like we do in this country. A 9 a.m. appointment means...they will show up sometime during the business day. Ten minutes might mean tomorrow, and tomorrow might mean next month. They aren't lazy or stupid, but time is a cultural value.

It's really hard for those of us who live by the clock to get used to.

Pray you'll get that townhouse!