Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are we ever going to be ready?

We have made lots of decisions but progress is slow. I feel like I am moving in a Mexican frame of time already - which not a positive feeling while still in good ole US.

We requested a lease weeks ago from Mexican Realtor - no sign of lease. We are not too worried because we do expect things to move at a different pace. But being a "list maker" I would be thrilled to mark that one off the list.

Progress on getting the American House ready for rent is dreadfully behind. I am getting that anxious, nervousness that is not pretty.

My expectations are so high for this vision of a more simplified life in Mexico ...


Fat Doctor said...

Simplified life. Aaaahhhh, how good that sounds.

Steve Benenson said...

In high school Spanish, I learned the expression, "Si no llora, no mama." It means if you don't cry, you don't get breast fed. I don't know if it applies in Mexico, but you many need to scream a bit more to get things done. But be careful - if you scream to much, you might actually get breast fed! Good luck!