Monday, April 21, 2008


We celebrated Passover this weekend. We had 2 Seders. One hosted by us on Saturday and one with friends in their home on Sunday. Passover is my favorite Holiday.

As all things in our life right now, Passover had a bit of the Mexico invasion.

On Friday, after 2 weeks of discussion and paperwork, the roofer delivered materials at 9:30 PM! The crew arrived at our home at 7:30 AM Saturday morning and continued until 8:30 that night.

We have our Seder table set for 8 with our china and all our special foods and props to teach children about the Jewish delivery out of Egypt. The Seder is set to occur in front of our large picture window facing the front of our home. We started at 5:30 and continued till 9:00. All this time, as we are saying prayers and recalling ancient script, old shingles are flying from the roof, hammers are banging, nail guns are going and ladders are shifting.

We told the kids it was the sound of our Jewish Ancestors working as slaves in Egypt.

Youngest Son also excitedly found "Elijah's water bottle" in our front yard giving proof that Elijah visited our home on this special Passover.

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Susana said...

Hi! I found your site via Fat Doctor. I live in Mexico City and if I can be of any help, please let me know. Good luck!