Friday, April 18, 2008

All Things Mexican

Today was the Peace, Love and Diversity festival at Fancy Private School. A chaotic, wonderful event where booths of various countries display goods, provide kiddo activities and serve ethnic food. There is also a constant stream of entertainment in the center of all the booths.

Event #1 is Preschool Fashion Show.

  • I ask Youngest Son who dressed as Judah Maccabee (the Jew) last year if he wanted to participate. Affirmative Yes.

  • Next Question: Do you want to be a Jew or a Mexican Futball (soccer) Player. Mexican Futball Player!

Hmmm ... little, by little we are shifting the paradigm for our boys so they will have a smoother transition to Mexico.

Youngest Son was transformed with his Mexican National Futball Team Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Soccer Shin Guards, Red Soccer Shoes and his Soccer Ball. And the final touch was his RED and GREEN Mohawk. Youngest Son has white hair - tow head - so color shows amazingly well.

He was very, very cute doing the Macarina in his ensemble and keeping his left foot on the ball through every jiggle and shake.


Anonymous said...

Leila would be proud!



Fat Doctor said...

OK, offering him the opportunity to be a choose his costume makes you a good mom. Dying his hair the colors of the Mexican flag? Dang, woman. You are my mommy hero!