Sunday, April 6, 2008

How will things be different in Mexico?

So here was the list of weekend events starting with after school Friday:

  • Gymnastics for both boys
  • Visit from out-of-town relatives
  • 2 soccer games
  • Get long neglected hair cuts for both boys
  • Take boys shopping for Mitzvah items and Youngest Son for birthday favors (his birthday next weekend)
  • Load items onto (wonderful) friend's trailer to move out of house to get ready for Move to Mexico
  • Birthday party attended by Youngest Son
  • Biking class for Oldest Son
  • Sleepovers for both boys (Oldest Son goes to Motor Cross - he is thrilled)
  • Couple night out hanging with friends (fun, fun, fun - out late, a few too many beers)
  • Prepare to teach Religious School
  • Attend and teach Religious School (entire family)
  • Attend Special Religious School event for mock 2nd Grade Wedding (very well done)
  • Lunch with friends
  • Symphony showing of Wizard of Oz (amazing!)

Activities we had to miss due to schedule conflicts:

  • Volunteer Shabbbat service
  • Cub Scout den meeting
  • Soccer practice
  • (and 1 birthday party was canceled due to birthday child injury)

This is pretty typical weekend. Great experiences and cool outings.

Here is the but ... I am exhausted. Both Husband and I missed showering at least one of these days - I think Husband missed 2 days!

I am wondering. How will Mexico be different? Will it necessarily be better? I am looking forward to having a basis for comparison. Check with me in 6 months ...


Listening to Oldest Son and Youngest Son DEEP in imaginative play with their Star Wars action figures utilizing newly cleared out play space. I love this - listening to the spontaneous play of happy children.

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